I'm trying to use a short video loop as a background in a block. I have found a test case that does not work as expected. muted - prevents any audio from playing (a video must be muted or have no audio for it to autoplay on iOS) playsinline - this tells iOS devices to play videos inline (so the user doesn’t have to interact with it … By using the display attributes Autoplay, Loop and Muted, I can get this feature working well in most desktop browsers. But Safari iOS requires the presence of the playsinline attribute to play these videos in the background. When autoplay prevented, mute player and play video. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. OK, I Understand 一方、Safariでは、muted属性が指定されている場合に加えて、再生対象となるビデオのファイルにオーディオトラックが含まれていない場合も(この場合はmuted属性の指定がなくても)、autoplay属性による自動再生が可能となります。 Find the code which is labeled: // ### If autoplay prevented: mute the video, play video and display unmute button ### Here the catch logic for the promise lets you act when the video did not start in the player.

Like so: Is it possible to add a plasysinline checkbox to the format settings form The player is programmatically muted… インライン再生を可能にするためにはautoplay、muted、playsinlineの3つの属性が必須です。 どれか1つでも欠けていると上手くインライン再生されないので注意しましょう。 width/height:横幅と高さを … By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. Autoplay playsinline without muted not working correctly in HTML5 SDK on iOS 10 ... Hi Team, I have been testing the latest version of the IMA3 HTML5 SDK and support of autoplay, playsinline and muted.