Insta360 has also made improvements to its SmartTrack tool, which can be seen in the butterfly portion of the promotional video at the top of this post.
Studio is a free app for Windows […] The Insta360 One has two other particularly cool software features. You can batch-import 360 degree videos and pictures, customize decoding settings, set the desired resolution, set the video quality, preview changes before saving the final result, and more. Dieser gibt auf der eigenen Webseite bekannt das man beim Prime Day mitmacht und die Insta360 One anbieten wird. Shoot and share awesome 360 video and photos, anytime, anywhere. insta360 one xは、5.7k (30 fps)の360度アクションカメラです。オリジナル画質が高いため、360度撮影であらゆる方向を綺麗に記録します。動きの多いシーンの撮影においては、50 fps (4k)及び100 fps (3k)の撮影モードを選択できるため、激しい動きも滑らかに再生。 But aside from those highlights, Insta360’s software is pretty phenomenal in other ways. Am 16. Insta360 has updated the software to their One 360 camera, improving the stabilization and adding a new editing mode. They also launched a tool called Pivot Points After all, FreeCapture, SmartTrack, and Bullet Time are all done on the software side. For now, you can export the video in 4K to use the old insta360 studio or even virb edit.

It also works with all iPads from the iPad Air 2 on. re-shooting), you can also use the app’s SmartTrack feature to select a subject and the app will track that subject or object through the scene. Insta360Studio is a video/photo editing software that allows users to edit and play 360 content from their Insta360 camera. Insta360 Studio for One X is pretty useless Started 7 months ago | Discussions thread Forum: Parent: First: Previous: Next : Flat view ... so I assume they will add it too in the future. Insta360 One is a very interesting 360° camera concept. In addition to simply moving the camera around so that what you see on your screen is what your overcapture video will be (i.e. -Use all-new FreeCapture editing to turn the best of your 360 videos into classic-sized 1080p video ready to share on Instagram, Snapchat and all of your favorite apps.

So kannst du Zeit und Perspektiven gleichzeitig in der Nachbearbeitung per App oder Studio Desktop Software steuern.
360度カメラというと特殊な用途でとっつきにくいイメージを持つ人もいるだろう。だが、今回発売になった Insta360 ONE は映画『マトリックス』のようなバレットタイム撮影や全天球映像の一部を切り出して見せる自由視点機能など従来までとは違った楽しみ方を打ち出してきた。 The final improvement for this update is the addition of hyperlapse features, or timelapses where the camera moves from place to place. The Insta360 ONE camera app lets you effortlessly capture 4K 360 video and 24-megapixel photos, or go live in 360 on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. It works not just for Insta360 One X but also for many other 360 cameras from other manufacturers.

To help you keep everything in-frame, especially in action shots, the Insta360 ONE offers a SmartTrack feature that does most of the work for you. Insta360 ONE X - 360° Videokamera mit 5, 7K Videoauflösung, 18 Megapixel-Fotos, FlowState-Stabilisierung, Echtzeit-WiFi-Verbindung Kompatibel mit iOS und Android, 3K-Bullet-Time auf - Kameras und Zubehör zu günstigen Preisen

The Insta360 ONE is compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone8/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 6/Plus and iPhone SE.