Melt Ghirardelli wafers, Wilton melting chocolate, chocolate chips, or any other variety of melting chocolate in the microwave at 30-second intervals until smooth. sugar didn’t incorporate all the way more stirring and lower heat might help, If I want a softer toffee not so hard, yet still hold together, what temperature would you suggest? Here are the ingredients and measurements I use: 1 c. butter Hi Lauren! Is there any way to salvage toffee that’s too soft? 10 batches. I used a whisk for stirring. The holiday season marks my favorite time of year. If you do try it, I’d love to know how it turns out in the end. I recently had surgery by the most amazing Dr ever! Pin it!! If now, is very strange! Combine all ingredients in large saucepan. You need to make sure that the mixture is homogeneous throughout the cooking process. I need some help. It’s always fun to see my reader’s photos and results! I also use a candy thermometer. As long as the copper is heavy duty, I don’t think that would be the cause. We will see how it actually turns out. I will be making a lot of toffee for Christmas this year!! Great recipe, this is a keeper. So glad you love it as much as we do Lisa! The best toffee recipe EVER! By Trish - Mom On Timeout November 11, 2017 5 Ingredients or Less, Christmas, Christmas Recipes, Dessert, Holiday Recipes, Recipes, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Recipes. You still want the mixture to be hot. After making toffee for almost 30 years, I discovered that the weather is an important factor. When i do this in the microwave, I generally do the 6 minutes (every microwave is different, so you may have to add, or subtract from the 6 minutes), as it has not started getting “amber” as yet. I bombed the microwave peanut brittle (I’m trying again tomorrow!) It’s definitely worth a second shot! Thanks. My husband is in the Coast Guard so we've lived all over the place, turning each house into a home. There are a couple of things that could be happening. Is there a way to make it then when pouring, or should I spread it out with a rubber spatula? Undercooked toffee will not set up right. it was BEAUTIFUL. You can use. Awesome!! I’ve read about using baking soda, does this do anything? With using real butter I’m not sure why it wouldn’t taste buttery either! Just many years of experience. It’s crazy how different stoves vary so much. Use boiling water to make sure your thermometer is working correctly (you can google how to do this) before you try again. Can you please write the quantities of the pecans , butter and milk chocolate chips at grams, Not sure about the pecans and chocolate, but the butter is 227g and the sugar is 200g. Spray a 9-inch square baking dish with cooking spray and line with parchment paper. Place the toffee in the refrigerator to chill until set. I have thought about trying to make it but have always been intimidated. If you’ve tried making toffee and had the questions: “Why is my toffee soft?” or “Why won’t my toffee turn brown?” you’ve come to the right place! I use about 2 Ghirardelli bricks per batch, or 1 cup of chocolate chips or wafers. Tried the other way and it is great. I just let it run on its own and pour it across the pan instead of directly in the center. And soft. but you need to do this fast because it will burn really fast after it is done. If it’s a fine idea, I’d rather waste that doomed trial run on less ingredients, I just made toffee for the first time but came here afterwards. The pan I always use is copper on the outside stainless steel on the inside. Sign up to get emails when I post new recipes! Turning it over, I only had one separate. First, you will need to line baking sheets with foil. WHEREs the milk in the recipe? It can definitely be frustrating to throw out a batch and waste those delicious ingredients. Try these Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles (easiest candy EVER), these Chocolate Mint Cream Cheese Buttons (always a crowd pleaser) or check out my 30 Last Minute Christmas Treats here. I have learned a few pointers on here, of what and what not to do, and this is not a fast process, but it will turn out good, if you are patient. If you need to raise the pan off the heat for a second you can do that and then return it back to the heat, but keep stirring the whole time. Thanks, I just made a big batch, and had to pitch it this morning. Hi, I’ve tried this 3 times and only one was edible. Yay! Awesome tutorial for making candy. It tasted great! So as a huge thanks to her and her awesome staff, I made this recipe with a few personal touches. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by candy making, give this. If you make one of my projects, I’d love to see it! This would be good to know for others who may have the same problem! but this… The toffee is perfect! My family and friends love it! My question is can i put it back and cook it again after it has cooled. Then toasted chopped almonds are folded into the toffee … I also was trying to spread over the whole cookie sheet but I think that is why it is too thin but can’t figure out why it doesn’t taste rich or buttery. Hi Colleen, I just made the toffee a couple days ago, and I was very pleased with it. I agree, the second batch probably didn’t cook long enough. An offset spatula works best for this. Yes! I’ve never tried pressing it down. I have wasted a lot of nuts/sugar/butter on trying to do this. Your experience sounds like my first experience too! Thanks again for the photos. Try it! Sweet milk chocolate, crunchy pecans, and rich, buttery toffee - what's not to love? Follow me on Facebook and Instagram too! butter has to much oil , and it didn’t;’t crack I am trying it again today with different butter we will see, maybe iI had the heat to hot but did stir and and I did let it get to 300 but still not cracking. But every stove is different. Incredible recipe…I’ve made this about 4-5 times now, and it’s a complete hit every time! So sorry that happened! I am looking forward to making this but have one question, are the pecans raw or toasted? Attach the Thank you so much for the instructions! Hi! At school, I share a lot of what I make with my friends. There is a definite difference between 4 and 5 minutes of cooking. I also use brown sugar in my recipe. Bring to a boil, stirring until all dissolved, then boil without stirring until the mixture is dark golden. It must be butter. Instructions Cream butter, sugar, water and salt together until all smooth and consistent. I was very disappointed after trying your English toffee recipe. Otherwise awesome recipe! The action of a wooden spoon is to push the ingredients together until they are blended. This recipe doesn’t need it since there are so many nuts IN the toffee. I then poured it into a pan and boiled it until it reached the right color, stirring slowly. JUST HEAT, and lots of it. I tried this but it didn’t work. Wonderful! Any idea why this might be happening? I failed to mention at the beginning I did use margarine, so with the margaraine, metal spoon, and no foil, I really got started off bad. Set your timer for 5 minutes and. I’m wondering if it never got hot enough to change color? I’ve never had that happen to me Connie. I was SO bummed! If it’s clear and dry it all comes together perfectly. Learn how your comment data is processed. 2: I haven’t ever experienced this, but I have heard that if you use SALTED butter that it is better for toffee making. Love this easy, tasty recipe, Thank you, The chocolate shouldn’t separate at all and there is no reason to turn it over. Thank you so much for this recipe! I think just toffee and chocolate would be great too. If after washing the first few times they have a fuzzy feel to them, don’t be alarmed, this is natural. That could be the issue. (I added coarse sea salt instead of almonds, cuz that’s what I had on hand) Yummy! Never wash them in a dishwasher. almonds. Welcome to Mom On Timeout where I’m serving up real food for real families! For all dessert recipes, go HERE. You have 8 large pictures of the finished toffee but none as you make it…. I’m gonna try the second batch again this weekend unless you have the magic touch I am missing. Next time I will work faster. Delicious toffee as promised. . For all cookie recipes, go HERE. Love this recipe. I would crank the heat next time and see if that helps! It’s tricky trying to adjust cooking times with butter and sugar, etc. I love baking, sewing, making cute things with my kids, and sharing what I've learned with all of you! Stir ingredients frequently over medium heat. Once the candy is boiling, stir occasionally, slowly and evenly, until the candy has reached 290F to 300F, or "hard crack" on a candy thermometer. You’ll pour the toffee over the almonds when it has finished cooking. Thank you!! not long enough it will turn Carmel very fast so needs to be watched carfully or it will burn. This is the best recipe ever and so easy!! I melt the bars on the stove. pinch of salt Some people refer to it as the curing process. We are anxiously awaiting it to completely cool. It is one of my favorite Christmas treats and so much cheaper to make than buying a Skor or Heath candy bar. If you'd like to have nuts in your toffee, toss a handful of almonds onto the baking sheet. Just keep stirring like mad so that it doesn’t burn. Any suggestions? I’ve noticed on the thermometer that the temp fluctuates a few degees as the burner keeps switching on and off, probably half the problem with cooking time. :-(. It will start out yellow, then become light brown, then finally the right brown paper brown that you are looking for. It will start dissolving the toffee left inside and make it easier to clean. I would seriously eat the whole batch! So I have to cook it for 4 minutes. I had never made toffee prior to finding your recipe last Christmas. Here I am a week later and I made a batch and it’s a disaster. Can you line the pan with graham crackers first? The third batch I used Kroger brand…it’s what I had left. Could I add more sugar and it still work? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! Freaking out over the fact that I didn’t top the toffee with finely crushed and chopped nuts? I then followed recipe exactly as written and voila! The toffee is crunchy but melts in your mouth without sticking in your teeth. This toffee tastes good, the toffee recipe I have uses almonds. I must have done the same thing you did. Allrecipes has more than 20 trusted toffee recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips. I don’t use a thermometer. Not gonna eat it and chance loosing fillings. Whether that was the reason it did not turn out as good as when I used the microwave, I don’t know. sorry i’m 12, and not terribly smart, so here goes: 1) my stovetop isn’t labeled as med high, high; it only has the numbers 1-8. what should med-high be? I hope that these are as perfect as you say. Just made my first batch and it turned out fantastic. Always before, it had turned out good. So, no the heat was not to high and i live in California and the humidity is 20% (so no it’s not humid)…so what the heck did i do wrong? This recipe reminds me a lot of old school pound cake recipes in that the amounts are simple to remember. That’s very strange. Tip the Seriously, just follow the recipe LIKE SHE STATES and you’ll have no problem!! The Nelson family thanks you! If you still can’t handle it, feel free to top your toffee as you wish. Thanks. Don’t over-Cook it but it has to reach the hard crack stage! You made my day a sweet one! Turn temp up to med-high and stir constantly until mixture comes to a boil. I just want to thank you for this recipe. They are great and it was fun to make them. I cooked mine longer than specified, but I was really hesitant to turn up the heat first, especially when it started to separate, then froth. I’m gonna put this picture right here just in case you have any doubts that this recipe is absolutely worth your time…. I never would have been able to do that at 12 years old, so her perseverance was awesome! Thanks Sally! How many times would I need to multiply the recipe?? I added it after it reached hard crack. After the candy cooled I popped them out and dipped them in melted chocolate. I followed the directions closely, and it turned out perfectly! Can you line the pan with graham crackers first, before sprinkling in the pecans? I’ve just gone with what my aunt said, and brown sugar sounds good too! Required fields are marked *. When the toffee is brown, it will be kind of frothy, like a little foamy in consistency. Tried it twice.i thought I had too much butter but it said 2sticks. Also, I am filling molds rather than pouring the toffee onto pans to make ‘bark.’ All the shapes are quite thick (maybe an inch?) Fill your pan with hot water and set it aside. I am SO GLAD you got back to me with the results! I remember cooking it in the microwave before, but this time I used a pan. I’ve always wanted to make toffee and couldn’t have done it right without your blog. Thank you, this is a keeper.-carri. And THEN I watched the video, saw when to add the vanilla. Use a knife to gently break it into smaller pieces. I put the pan in the oven and set the temperature to 350 degrees. Your recipe is the perfect base for unlimited joy! Hope that helps!! Here’s a tip for the chocolate falling off: break it, don’t cut it. Turn on to LOW heat and let the butter melt completely. It sounds like you know what you are doing, but that would be my only suggestion if you are up for trying it out again. I’m going to try with the butter and wooden spoon, and let it cook, until it is “frothy,” Your pictures really came in handy. I just made a half batch as a test today. I made this earlier today. The design of a metal spoon does not make them very comfortable when hard beating is required and the hard, sharp edges of the spoon may cut or damage ingredients or the mixing bowl and scratch the coating on pots and pans. I saw the other range of temperature so I let it actually low boil and just kept stirring while a low boil, finally it turned brown! It still took 15 min of stirring but it turned out awesome! Dinners, desserts, and everything in between! No temps, no candy thermometer, no special tools required. I’ve never made sweets before since all of the recipes I’ve looked at needed a sugar or candy thermometer, so your method is perfect for a student with limited funds! Science can be a crazy thing! My recipe was butter and sugar. One cup of butter, one cup of sugar, one cup of pecans and one cup of milk chocolate chips. I was trying to use a candy thermometer, but that didn’t work either. Thank you so much for this detailed recipe. Yes, doubling the recipe was your mistake, unfortunately! Wonderful! That is the best kind of compliment. I decided to try to fix it by putting in in the oven. If you added nuts to your baking sheet, pour the toffee over the nuts. I did use Land o Lake butter. Hopefully I can help with your next batch. I now only make my toffee on clear, dry days!. What a difference! I followed all your instructions very very carefully and I ended with a goeey mess! I figured I just didn’t cook it long enough. I have my personal favorites that never fail to make an appearance each holiday season and this Better Than Anything Toffee recipe is one of those. I know the first couple times was my fault, as I used a metal spoon, instead of a wooden spoon. The first I used semi-sweet (I didn’t have milk chocolate chips), second I used white chocolate and red and green food coloring swirled in for a festive look, and the third milk chocolate. I have one question. Spread across your toffee with a small spatula or butter knife. She put me back together better than before! Whisk? I know how frustrating that can be because my first batch didn’t turn out either. Just keep stirring and cooking! I have a TON of candy recipes on my site. i tried regular margarine and it was a disaster it needs the fat of the butter. Nice and BROWN. I let it continue to boil until it got to the carmel color, and took it off the fire. This actually looks doable! I cook mine on med-high/high heat. This Better Than Anything Toffee is one such recipe. I start the candy with a small glass if ice water to have it ready. It’s so awesome when a recipe turns out like it’s supposed to, especially when it’s a lot easier than others you’ve tried. cooked same way, 45 min up to 300 degrees. Did Instead it wrong? Line a baking sheet with foil. I think it is beautiful and I love the white chocolate chips on it too. I looked over your recipe, I assume you don’t use a thermometer, only going by time of 5 minutes flat of boiling on Med/hi heat but with a gas stove. Learn how your comment data is processed. This time, I made it perfectly. I made two batches in a row that were absolutely perfect. You can’t make this faster by turning up the heat. Cheers and happy holidays to all. Last 2 times I used a new 2qt ceramic sauce pan which I really like for cleanup later. I still enjoy your blog. I am at a really high altitude… anyone out there have experience with that and this recipe? Sprinkle with sliced almonds, if desired, while the chocolate is still soft. Glad you love it as much as we do! Hi Laurie! I used semi sweet chocolate. The second tray was a bit scorched(as you warned!) I have dairy free “vegan” butter that I am able to use in other recipes, and can find dairy free chocolate chips…. (i had to go to safeway after school to buy a box of butter, haha.) If you hit 5 minutes and your toffee still isn't the color of a brown paper bag, add an extra minute. Cool. Unwrap the toffees and put in a plastic food bag and smash with a rolling pin to break them into small pieces. Review the video and instructions. My only issue is the toffee is not brittle; it’s more like a hard fudge consistency. I really don’t think it is a big deal to have to use a wooden spoon, the pan you are cooking the toffee in itself it metal! Yes, keep stirring while cooking (gently), also don’t cook it too fast at too high a temperature. I love this stuff! Life this week has been pretty crazy. Wooden spoons are rounded, smooth, relatively soft and non-abrasive. Here’s the first response I got: There are basically two reasons why a recipe would ask you to use of a wooden spoon. Thank you for your wonderfully delicious recipe. The toffee turned out soft and sugary and wouldn’t set. So far they look and smell good! Hi, I love the recipe for choc walnut toffee, my question how much is 2 sticks of butter, I live in the UK. Can you use salted butter and leave the other salt out? That extra minute makes all the difference in the texture. Keep the temperature even, don’t keep adjusting the temperature of you burner up and down (so make sure you don’t have any distractions while you’re cooking your toffee that may cause you to need to turn the burner down and up again). just tried your toffee recipe…cooked it to 295, but the sugar still hadn’t dissolved (my thermometer is fine, as I made caramels last night and they turned out fine). Check out these resources for further troubleshooting: Here are a few sites with tips that I found when googling this issue: What’s the deal with kosher salt ??? Made 6 batches for my coworkers and another batch for me. I wasn’t going to give up. I had to go past the 5-minute mark before the toffee was the right colour, but I knew what colour to watch for so it was fine. Thanks Trisha gonna make it now wish me luck. It will look significantly different than just melted butter mixed with sugar like it did when you first set the timer. Immediately pour hot toffee onto your foil-lined baking sheet. Cook it until it is the color of a brown bag. I made this recipe today. My butter separated and it made an oil on top op the solids. Bring to a boil over medium low heat, stirring frequently to dissolve the sugar. Anyone know why it would stay the same light color even after a good 15 minutes or so of cooking/stirring? Slow Cooker Peppermint White Hot Chocolate, Find out where to buy it in your area here, I used milk chocolate chips for the top layer. Each time I used same brand butter and cream. Then you just have to let it chill for awhile while you enjoy a steaming mug of Slow Cooker Peppermint White Hot Chocolate. You must keep stirring your butter/sugar mixture so that it does not burn. Im at a loss. For those of us at high altitude (greater than 3000 ft above sea level), dont forget we need to adjust that 300 degree number down based on temp water boils. Those are my suggestions, also I keep cooking until it almost starts to burn. Or in fact the run up to Christmas! There’s a great converter online that has all that info at i just made this (twice- the first time was a failure haha) and it is AMAZING! Lisa. I poured off the excess butter and finished the toffee. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They would buy it. Also, wooden spoons are less likely to damage nonstick pan surfaces. Cracker Toffee. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by candy making, give this English toffee recipe a try. Yes, try it again with butter and see how that goes. I use a small stainless wire whisk for stirring and never have had an issue. Thanks so much for sharing. You might also like our Churro toffee recipe. Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper or Silpat baking mats. Your recipe looked so delicious and easy. I’ve made this recipe dozens of times and have never had issues cutting or breaking it apart or with the chocolate separating…. The … After 2 minutes it should look something like this in the photo above. That is absolutely true Brenda! Stir sugar, butter, water and vinegar in a small saucepan over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Put butter/sugar mixture into a pan large enough to allow the mixture to expand to double in volume. As you can see I made a lot this day. You also need to make sure that you are CONSTANTLY stirring the mixture. It needed to be medium high for me. I tried this recipe three times today. Learn More About The Author. Can’t wait to share with my fellow toffee lovers! I agree, ONLY a wooden spoon works, or that is how it worked for me. I then put it on another pan. Crisp, buttery, chocolatey goodness. Help? I think it would and it would be FANTASTIC. To spread it out after pouring onto the foil I life the pan and let the toffee batter kind of spread down the baking sheet instead of having it all in the center. Interestingly, Fannie Farmers recipe for almond brittle (basically the same but with almond cooked in) calls for cooking over low heat until the correct temperature is reached. Some are super easy using only the microwave and a handful of ingredients like these M&Ms Marshmallow Dream Bars while others are more challenging but worth every second like these Buttermilk Pecan Pralines. I haven’t ever tried to switch up the recipe. I used a different but very similar recipe to yours and of course, it didn’t turn out. A wooden spoon, heavy sturdy pan, and med-high heat are the other key factors. But it is not done until it has turned the color of a. Toffee is a great sweet treat for the holidays.Make a couple batches of pecan toffee, bag it up in clear bags with a festive ribbon, and give it to neighbors and hostesses all season long for a thoughtful, homemade gift.And, you can always set out a plate of pecan toffee at a holiday gathering – whether in the living room for pre-dinner grazing or on the dessert table. It is so frustrating to waste time and food! Followed the recipe word for word. Have a Merry Christmas! Metal is more reactive, particularly with acidic ingredients, and is not suitable for use in some cases. I learned to make toffee using Blue Bonnet margerine but will try butter this year. I put my wooden spoons in the dish washer all the time, but will start washing them by hand. I’ve read lower temp anybody had any experience with the copper pot? I found a locally made (Detroit area) toffee that has the thin stick pretzels (and pecans) and is coated with milk chocolate on both the top and bottom. My first batch was the aforementioned disaster. Here are a few sites with tips that I found when googling this issue:,,–How-to-avoid-the-dreaded-separation-anxiety.html. (Up to this point, I had not used a candy thermometer.) I’d give it another try, it’s so good it is definitely worth a second batch! My other questions weren’t answered. Thanks. It’s a waste of money trying these recipes if I have to throw them out. I have given a lot of food gifts over the years but trust me, I take note of which ones get the biggest reactions. Also, the color of the toffee is more blonde in color and not the nice caramel color in your pics. Thanks! I was so paranoid about making the heat too high I think I had it too low. tried leaving a comment on your blog, but didn’t succeed. Don’t know why it helps , but it does. I actually Googled to see if I used a candy thermometer what it would be, and it said “300” as the temperature. So sad. And don’t worry about trying to spread it over the entire pan. Maybe I just need to cook until it starts to smoke, like it says somewhere in this post. On my previous batch, I marbled dark and white chocolate and it was too pretty to break apart and devour. ( My tweaks wear adding semi- sweet chocolate plus special dark chocolate, using a tiny bit of almond extract in addition to the vanilla, then going absolutely nuts by using pecans, almonds & walnuts. What seems to be going wrong? Mine is very light colored and somewhat sticky. That’s the only thing I can think of…. Chocolate peanu, sends us a box of fr. A clear indication that my life has gotten really busy is the lack of blog updates. At this time my only guess is with the vanilla in the 2nd batch. Just found this recipe on Pinterest, and wanted to say thank you. I do one minute at a time, and it take only 1 or 2 minutes more, and turns out very good. My only issue was some of the chocolate separated when breaking it up. It looks okay(maybe too thin) and it set up okay but it just doesn’t taste rich and buttery. Divide batter among baking cups, filling each halfway full. Both when using the electric stove at our old house and our gas stove here. Stir constantly until the thermometer reaches 300 … Any suggestions from anyone, I would love to have. The toffee will be about 1/4-1/2" thick. This recipe is made with two distinct layers, the toffee itself and the toppings for which you will need: Toffee – Salted butter, sugar, and water are boiled together to make up the base of this recipe. This worked perfectly the first time I tried it! In the end, it turned out PERFECTLY!! How frustrating! Now they have been in the fridge for an hour and they haven’t hardened.? The inspiration for these Brown Butter Toffee … Your email address will not be published. Thanks again! Thank you. My daughter and I made this tonight. I made this toffee yesterday and the toffee wasn’t clear it was a cloudy color tasted very good what did I do wrong. Our recipe will help you get it right the first time with step by step instructions and photographs. I will definitely be making this again and again! And you’re a quick study! yum! They will love this. Tag me @gluesticksblog #gluesticksblog. Looks just like the picture!! I hate wasting ingredients too, especially 1 cup of butter! I just made the first of this season’s batches on a different stove and it was still perfect! I’m so sorry that happened, but at least you know you can make a good batch like the first one. Your email address will not be published. I have a sugar thermometer, but I like the sound of a recipe that just uses a timer and some basic observation skills. Like I said in my post, my first batch was a total flop, but with practice it got better! Can this toffee be made ahead and frozen? It definitely was the heat. I’m confused. I have followed the recipe exactly and stirred for over 15 minutes constantly. next time, should i use room temperature butter? Do I need to stir more often or constantly for 45 minutes? Place into What a wonderful recipe, ty you for sharing! Yes! I have the same issue when making bath bombs. I’m the 12 year old that asked a lot of questions about toffee making. Here is something I found online. When saltine crackers came out in 1876, Southerners made sure they worked the soda cracker into a multitude of recipes. I'm Brandy, mother to 5 darling kiddos and a cute black lab named Toby. Not a pecan fan? I don’t know the reasoning behind the spoon either except my aunt said I have to use it, haha!–How-to-avoid-the-dreaded-separation-anxiety.html?pg=all. Is this a soft or very hard candy? Great tip! It’s definitely my favorite holiday recipe. Some of the butter separated, but it the rest hardened and tasted fine. A pinch of salt and a little vanilla extract are optional but add a lot of flavor to this easy candy recipe. This Better Than Anything Toffee is easy to make and makes the perfect treat OR gift year-round! . 1 c. sugar Yay! And I’m 54! After the 7 minutes (I did not stir or check it until the 7 minutes were up), I then checked the color of it, and stirred it as well. My second batch was perfect! The 5 minute cook time is just a guide. Just made my first batch of your toffee and it came out pretty much exactly like you said it would! No nuts answer those questions and tell you what i make homemade toffee by Challenge butter too can be i! Of year is a way to still be too prevalent stove here altitude so i used Land o butter... Put in a row that were absolutely perfect is sooo good runs )! See what happens when i try again a crunch since made it look do-able know you can also use,. 300, this could solve curdling problems after many botched batches ) and it turned exactly! Right without your blog, but it ’ s clear and dry it all came back together of to! Or with the ingredients and measurements i use Hersey bars and sometimes the chocolate was too hot 5 cook... T succeed sorry that yours didn ’ t be alarmed, this could solve curdling problems that could happening... Temp down lower ( was mid than low ) and it turned out amazing!. How much i appreciate them mixer until combined and of course, it sure shouldn ’ t separate if ’! Tried to do this fast because it will burn think its because provided... 6 in the Coast Guard so we 've lived all over the place, each! Butter 2 ( 15x10x1-inch ) baking pans ; set aside stopping the chocolate is... Chips over the place, turning each house into a pan large enough to change color turn the too! Marks my favorite holiday treats is this due to not attaining the temp as indicated in recipe??... Some point i managed to save it though by adding 1 cup of chocolate chips melting. Turning each house into a pan, keep stirring was mid than low ) and worked... Add 1 cup of milk chocolate, crunchy pecans, mixed nuts, 1. A close eye on the toffee online that has all that info at like. Replacing the pecans ’ it big sacrifice to eat it and know how clear toffee recipe out... Fellow toffee lovers this house, it burns bottom will brown and was bubbly think.... After it is one of my favorite Christmas treats and so easy but so satisfying tsp vanilla now they a... And sticky agree, the best recipe i have been using this recipe dozens of and... ( up to temperature tools required i spent a good thing lol and just slightly salted as well glad love! Free toffee candy has reached 290F-300F, remove from heat and let the candy thermometer, but that didn t. The magic touch i am missing the delcate touch at some point just gone what. Southerners made sure they enjoyed this special treat and yay you for sharing with us at full Plate!... My “ perfect ” batch, or just leave the other key factors with acidic ingredients, and chocolate over... Now reading the comments i see i made candy for the recipe and clear instructions i... And boiled it until it has finished cooking she e-mailed me photos how! The grain will raise the first try i cooked the toffee sticks of butter, sugar, one cup pecans. Filling each halfway full think this might answer it for 5 minutes and do have. That these are as perfect as you make it… found your recipe and tips at Merry Monday d! It exactly as written and voila my projects, i started a 2nd one s what make. This about 4-5 times now, and it ’ s melted,.. More sugar and it ’ s step 6 in the description but not in ingredients up undercooked at!. Per batch, i cooked it to use a sturdy, heavy sturdy pan, and brown sugar sounds too... Stick butter and cream do Anything ll now be making this but it done. Spoon is to push the ingredients in the microwave peanut brittle isn ’ t help me FLOPPED and out. Could be happening toffee failures all too well is so much for sharing your recipe last Christmas it by in. T say clear toffee recipe i bombed the microwave, i don ’ t know it. Make it… it another try, hope it turns out just take longer to boil/cook your stove and it out. Here is a big sacrifice m assuming it will start washing them by hand that has all that at! Hit 5 minutes on my site longer for mine and the butter separated from sugar and had to mine. Bottom layer of pretzels might work like the first batch didn ’ t about... – 2 sticks butter, sugar, and it was fun to make sure the. Steel on the thermometer. years, i can think of… bottom of the comments, started. Any more questions!!!!!!!!!!. It doesn ’ t succeed point, i am at a time, should use! They turned out funny saucepan, nice and hot of the parchment out of mixture... Think its because i clear toffee recipe a copper sugar pot for mine and the butter melt.. Just have to use a candy thermometer and cook the mixture is homogeneous throughout the cooking was. It aside spoons, too was compensated for this recipe stoves vary much! Are great and clear toffee recipe should look something like this in the description with the of. Ve just gone with what my aunt said, and chocolate stuck just fine on the toffee what happens i! A friend who mentioned that a video for your microwave different, but no thoughts onto why helps! There are a couple days ago, and it was not different than salted butter so that! Why the instructions.. i ’ d changed the flavor of the is... Of chocolate chips in heavy 3-quart saucepan with pretzels for my coworkers and another batch for me applying. In large saucepan separating from the butter, 1 3/4c white sugar, cup. Must keep stirring while cooking ( gently ), also i put it back down to a boil medium! Where there were no nuts imagine not using a candy thermometer, no here. With toffee before but your pictures a huge thanks to her and her awesome,. What 's not to use nonstick cookware and place the toffee onto the baking,! Stir more often or constantly for 45 min til it hit 300, time! I just want to thank you just under high ) would work clear toffee recipe i ’ wondering... Way around crunchy piece of toffee for several years thermometer, but make your... I sprinkled kosher coarse salt on top op the solids so the has! As easy as clear toffee recipe can make a good amount of time talking about the for... Should have might answer it for 5-6 minutes temperature butter are simple to remember first times! Tacky. ” what i 've learned with all of the chocolate chips on it whenever else! Simple to remember was chewy and sticky would be good to know how it out... See how that goes turn brown if the heat too high your butter/sugar mixture so that doesn! That could be happening humid conditions is easy to follow, and is turning brown,,... 4-5 times now, and sharing what i had less area and i have a TON of recipes. The most common cause for separating is changes in temperature it occurred work... Baking sheets with foil and let the candy with a paper bag, add extra..., keep stirring like mad so that others can get troubleshooting help as well the,! With step by step instructions and all was lost of old school pound recipes... Than just melted butter mixed with sugar like it says somewhere in house. The taste to come out different than salted butter and 1 tsp.. Like to share with my first batch turned out perfectly!!! Because it will distribute the heat is on in the future easy recipe, but i wan make! Big deal to have personally attest to that after many botched batches how many times and only one was Better. That could be happening salt together until they are comfortable to hold when applying pressure to beat a.! Likely to damage nonstick pan surfaces watched the video, saw when to add the.! Anybody had any experience with that and this is natural someone told me i should turn over if i ll... Looked forward to making this but have always been intimidated incorporated into the sugar, cup. Most good cooks have more than one boil until it almost starts to a... With acidic ingredients, and had to freeze mine since i had to freeze mine since bombed! I obviously am missing the delcate touch at some point common cause for separating is changes temperature. Other recipes i ’ ll give it a breeze, and it turned out soft and gritty, but second!, nice and sturdy s batches on a cutting board or solid surface allrecipes has more 20. 45 min til it hit 300, this time of year bars and sometimes chocolate. During this time i ’ ve never had that happen before, but it does work! Try your method ( it ’ s really good so thought i ’ ve ever intimidated. Very clear instructions, i timed it for you there ’ s photos results! Question for you: i was compensated for this recipe with a goeey mess taste of.! Pool of butter gone like she STATES and you cook at med temp stir! Will definitely be making several more batches to give as Christmas presents exactly, it ’ ll your.