Neo-Nazis | Hector convinces Mike to claim the gun was his, so that Tuco is convicted on a lesser charge of assault and receives a shorter sentence. He uses the name "Saul Goodman" because he thinks his clients feel more confident with a Jewish lawyer; this name is also homophonous with the expression "[it]'s all good, man. Towards the end of the fifth season he is overwhelmed by guilt and his "blood money." Skyler and Walter have a son, Walter Jr., and an infant daughter, Holly. 2002 In Better Call Saul, Gus has Lydia help arrange a position for Mike in Madrigal as a security consultant as a means to launder money Mike had stolen from the Salamancas. Huell Babineaux (played by Lavell Crawford) is Saul Goodman's bodyguard, who also executes various intimidation tactics and performs other errands. Patrick Kuby | In El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Jesse departs for a new life in Alaska. [57], Ed Galbraith (played by Robert Forster), also known as "the Disappearer", is an associate of Saul Goodman who specializes in providing criminals with new identities and new places to live,[58] using his vacuum sales and service center, Best Quality Vacuum, as a legitimate front.[59][60]. Died: 22 June 2012 (aged 72) Madrid, Spain. When Hank stubbornly decides to stay at the hospital, claiming he is completely disabled, she refuses to give up on him and gives him a handjob to prove he still has feeling below the waist. Besty suggests taking the case to trial, only to be told by Kim they would lose, and Craig would face a maximum sentence of 30 years. Police end their investigation and when Jimmy brags to Kim Wexler about his success, she chastises him for fabricating evidence. Under the pretext of contacting Jesse to lure him to a meeting, Walt convinces Mike and Victor to allow him to call Jesse using his cell phone. Due to Jesse's drug abuse, they have a strained relationship with their son, kicking him out of his late aunt's house (where Jesse had been living after serving as his aunt's caretaker and friend) after discovering a makeshift meth lab in the basement. In flashbacks during Breaking Bad, it is shown that Hector often punished Tuco along with the Cousins as kids. Todd respectfully refers to Walter as "Mr. White", and after studying under Walt, he spends his breaks going over his notes, but refuses to accept payment until he satisfies Walt's standards. Bach's Solfeggietto at a music store. [72], Paige Novick (portrayed by Cara Pifko) is the senior counsel of Mesa Verde and one of Kim's clients. After Walt quits, Declan and his gang take over the meth business, but produce a poor quality product. After Lydia provides the first shipment, the DEA visits Madrigal and Lydia is forced to give up her man in the warehouse to the DEA. When she learns Skyler knew the truth before Hank's injury, Marie slaps her sister and storms out of the room. [62] Recognizing that Ted has been intimidated into keeping quiet about the source of his money, Skyler goes along with Ted's perception by coldly replying "Good" to his promise of silence. Marco strode after Hank, shooting and killing a passerby who surprised him, while another bystander escaped the same fate when Marco stopped to reload. Once Hank progresses with the case, his relationship with Marie improves again. Wendy (portrayed by Julia Minesci) is a meth-addicted street prostitute, who associates with Jesse Pinkman and is featured in the online promotional material as one of Saul Goodman's clients (as "Wendy S."). As Jimmy is still disbarred for another month, he brings in Kim Wexler to defend Huell, who plans to jump bail and flee rather than go to prison. Juan Ayala, Actor. Jesse accepts the blame for a joint belonging to Jake, which results in Jesse being thrown out of his parents' house. Origin Walt attempts to poison Tuco's food with a hidden vial of ricin, but Hector is shown to be of sound mind and he saves Tuco by knocking the food onto the floor. Combo is later killed in "Mandala" when a rival drug group corners him while he is dealing methamphetamine on "foreign turf." He promises that Werner's death will have an explanation that satisfies the authorities, so that his wife will not wonder what happened to him, and to return Werner's crew to Germany unharmed. Later, Bolsa rings Gus to inform him about the second Cousins death and that he speculates that Gus is connected to death. Knowing his life is still at risk because Jesse has proved to be nearly as capable as Walter in the lab, Walter goads Jesse into providing information Walter uses to set a trap for Gus. Skinny Pete is seen briefly in the series finale, having been hired by Walt (along with Badger) to use laser pointers to imitate sniper rifles when Walt threatens Gretchen and Elliot should they decide to not take his money and give it to his children. Walt answers Todd's phone and tells her that Jack and his gang are all dead and she will soon be dead too, because he added ricin to the stevia she used in her tea during the meeting at the coffee shop. [19], Roberts next appears after Marie Schrader is arrested and taken to the police station for pilfering property at the open houses she visits. In season 4, Ted meets with Skyler, who is now running a car wash, and notifies her of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation into his company's taxes. In high school, he was an indifferent student in Walter White's chemistry class. They wave hello to Drew, but Todd then pulls out his pistol and kills Drew in cold blood, to Jesse's dismay.[78]. Adam and Diane renovate the home, preparing it for sale. While mixing chemicals, Walter creates a small explosion that produces phosphine gas which appears to kill both Emilio and Krazy-8. Lydia later is present when Gus discreetly reports to Peter, the CEO of Madrigal about the situation with Lalo Salamanca that is stalling the construction of his superlab, but assures the both that he has plans to deal with Lalo. After bugging Hank's office, they find that the tracker was planted by the DEA's Houston office. Todas las nuevas ofertas de empleo en un portal. Our roundtable discusses "Confessions," the third episode in the AMC show's final half-season", "The 'El Camino' Cast Is Full Of Your 'Breaking Bad' Faves", "12 'Breaking Bad' stars who returned for Netflix's sequel movie 'El Camino, "Ranking the Cameos From 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' in 'El Camino, "Ed the Vacuum Repair Man Is Quietly the Most Important 'Breaking Bad' Cameo in 'El Camino, "TV Recap: Better Call Saul – Shitting Gold", "Transcripts: Better Call Saul; Amarillo", "Breaking Bad: What's in Jesse Pinkman's Mysterious Letter in El Camino? Hesitant that they didn't take the money, Betsy rejects the deal and fires Kim. As Hank investigates Gale and discovers Gus's fingerprints inside the apartment, he begins to suspect Gus of being connected to the meth trade. Feeling betrayed Jr. calls 911 when Walt fends off Skyler's knife attack, thus forcing Walt to leave and eventually end up on the most wanted list. Jane appears in a flashback in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, reminding Jesse that sometimes the universe takes people towards bad places, and despite her freespirited nature she considers it better to make life's important decisions by yourself. [8], After Walt and Jesse ignite the lab,[9] Gomez returns with Hank to find it destroyed, with little evidence remaining. Walt treats Jesse like a foolish son in constant need of stern correction. Rival Dealers, Season 4 [62] Saul discovers that instead of paying the IRS, Ted leased a new Mercedes and is using the funds to reopen his business. [9] He reappears in Better Call Saul, where he and Victor serve as co-muscle for Gus. Later in the season, Juan Bolsa arranges a meeting between himself, Hector Salamanca, Marco and Leonel Salamanca, 'The Cousins' and Gustavo ''Gus'' Fring. Jesse retorts, "About time," and leaves the session, never to return. Pete, along with Badger, appears in El Camino, helping Jesse hide for a night and attempt to get rid of Todd Alquist's car. When Hank returns to Albuquerque after being wounded, Merkert is frustrated by Hank's stalling a second transfer to El Paso, unaware that Hank is suffering from panic attacks and is afraid to go back. After Jesse obtains the money, Ed smuggles him to a car parked near Haines, Alaska and provides him with false identification documents and a cover story. He served time in prison with Tuco and introduces him to Jesse. When Jesse does not stop, a confused Mrs. Pinkman asks where he is going. Walt convinces them to let him speak to Jesse under the pretense of luring Jesse to the lab to be killed. Gustavo Fring | Mike and Werner retire to a quiet bar for a personal conversation, but Mike has to return to the strip club to smooth over an altercation, and during his absence Werner drunkenly reveals construction details to other patrons at the bar. Jesse then asks the Group Leader if he just accepts himself for killing his daughter and admits to the whole group that the only reason he comes to these meetings in the first place is to sell meth to them. They are first shown threatening Mike's granddaughter Kaylee when Mike refuses to recant his testimony against Tuco. Mike is a calm and calculating individual who efficiently performs his duties for Gus, using his extensive knowledge of police procedure to do so without detection. Throughout the countdown, multiple videos were shown of Huell still sitting impatiently in the safehouse, watching the events of "Felina" on the news. 5.8K likes. Hank and Gomez later interrogate Huell to learn where Walt hid his money, telling him falsely that Walt intends to kill him to ensure that no one can trace Walt's drug-dealing past. Walt and Jesse hide nearby and see Tuco stagger to Jesse's car, recover his rifle, and fire at Hank. As seen in both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, Gus seeks to create his own source of methamphetamine and eliminate his reliance on Cartel cocaine by building a "superlab" beneath an industrial laundromat. They both attend JP Wynne High School. Jesse is impulsive, hedonistic, and uneducated beyond high school, but he is financially ambitious and streetwise. 271 empleos en San Juan del Río, Qro. Suspecting Hector of being an informant, Tyrus alerts Gus. He also provides the magnet system used to wipe the evidence from Gus's laptop, and constructs the portable laboratory equipment used in the Vamonos Pest undercover meth lab operation. He aids Walt and Jesse on several occasions by using his car crusher in addition to sharing his knowledge of the legal limits on police procedure and evidence gathering. Mike thwarts the attempt on his own life after getting from Chris the information Lydia gave him, and then kills Chris.[17]. He is impressed with Hank's tenacity and hard work, and recommends him for a transfer to El Paso. As a result, one of the lessons Mike employed in his criminal activities was to not take "half measures." Narrador Oral. Lalo attaches the bell to Hector's wheelchair, enabling him to communicate more effectively with his right index finger, the only body part Hector can move after he emerges from his coma. [62] When Skyler urges Ted to pay the IRS first, he refuses, so Skyler tells him the money came from her. When the hit is narrowly avoided through the intervention of Mike and Gus, The Cousins bring Hector to a meeting with Gus. Roberts is satisfied with Gus's explanations of how he knew Boetticher and why he was in Boetticher's home, but Hank remains dubious and continues investigating Fring and his personal and business dealings. [62] They succeed, but Ted panics and attempts to flee, tripping on a loose rug and crashing headfirst into a counter.[62]. When Mike sends Jesse to Houston to pick up the next shipment, he and Lydia find a GPS tracker at the bottom of one of the barrels. Hector kills a witness who stopped to aid the driver, and later has the Cousins kill the driver and bury him in the desert. After secretly working with Mike to get Tuco sent to prison, Nacho becomes fearful that Tuco's uncle Hector will discover this and harm him or his father, and takes the step of replacing Hector's heart medication with placebos. Kenny | Jane's death leads to significant repercussions throughout the rest of the series, and is largely responsible for Jesse's downward spiral in the first half of the third season, as well as her father Donald's deep depression which affects him to the point that he fails in his duties as an air-traffic controller and causes a midair collision between a 737 and a King Air 350 ("ABQ"). Juan Bolsa, is a supporting antagonist in the AMC crime drama show Breaking Bad, and the secondary antagonist in its 2015 prequel Better Call Saul. Todd's explanation, plus his claims that his uncle (Jack Welker) runs a gang with connections that could be valuable to the meth operation, convince Walt, Jesse, and Mike to keep him alive. Hector Tells bolsa Eladio is happy with the new smuggling method of getting drugs over the border, and wants to continue using Gustavo Fring’s Los Pollos distribution chain. After Chuck McGill told Jimmy that he disapproved of his legal career and did not view him as a peer, Ernesto took over the daily supply run to Chuck's house. It is Mike's suggestion of a new life in Alaska that drives Jesse's ambitions following his escape from Jack Welker's gang. Mike reveals to Daniel that he researched Nacho and knows he is conducting deals without the knowledge of his bosses, giving him an incentive to make sure things go smoothly. After Badger is arrested and Combo is killed, Pete quits dealing for Jesse, fearing being sent back to prison and for his own safety. Crime bossMember of the Ciudad Júarez cartel Mike Ehrmantraut, Better Call Saul [76][77] Rich is the lead attorney for the Sandpiper retirement homes in HHM's lawsuit against the company. Spooge | Walter pays Jack to kill Mike's crew after they are arrested, because Walt fears they can identify him as a member of Gus's operation and may enter into plea bargains since the DEA has stopped the payments Gus had arranged for their families. Jimmy, as Saul Goodman, creates a ploy that draws Hank to see Domingo, and through Saul's machinations, secures Domingo's release by assuring that he will be Hank's CI. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Jesse's RV quits running, Clovis charges him an exorbitant amount to tow and store the vehicle, due to its cargo. When Gus is revealed to be a drug kingpin, Merkert is permanently relieved of his duties in the DEA due mainly to his and Gus's extensive personal interactions and the subsequent doubt cast on Merkert's integrity following Gus's downfall.[17]. However, Mike ambushes and kills the new hit man, and deduces that Lydia is responsible. Before leaving he calls 911 and leaves the phone line open to allow the police to trace the call, making sure that the boy will be taken care of, and instructs the boy not to go back inside the house.[80]. Prior to the events of Pokémon Emerald, Juan was the Gym Leader of Sootopolis. Mike Ehrmantraut | He is knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mexican gangs. 1999 [55] Upon the countdown's conclusion, another video was shown of Huell, tired of waiting, saying "screw this", putting on his jacket and eventually leaving the safehouse on his own accord as the title credits of El Camino appear on his television. Hank and Gomez tell Huell to wait until they come back for him, but they are killed and never return, so his fate remains unknown. Before he can kill Gale, Mike and Victor bring Walt to the lab, where they intend to kill Walt. Juan José Otegui (Oviedo, 9 de marzo de 1936) es un actor asturiano.. Dio sus primeros pasos interpretativos dentro del grupo de teatro de la Universidad de Oviedo, compaginando su afición con la carrera de Derecho que estudiaba; y en 1961 inició su carrera profesional como actor, especializándose en el mundo teatral. Gomez has been Hank's right-hand man in the "Heisenberg" case since the beginning. He assists in facilitating the car wash sale to the Whites by impersonating an environmental inspector, and later intimidates Ted Beneke with Huell's help. Jesse is $1,800 short and Ed refuses to help. 5,389 Followers, 1,829 Following, 841 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Juan Martin Boll (@juanboll) However, despite outward appearances, Gus is a major drug kingpin initially affiliated with the Mexican drug cartel in Ciudad Juárez, who uses his restaurants as a front for methamphetamine distribution throughout the American southwest. Like Walter White, Gus is a criminal who "hides in plain sight," using his anti-drug philanthropy to conceal his true nature. Hector Salamanca | Walter Hartwell White (also known by his clandestine alias Heisenberg) (played by Bryan Cranston) is an underachieving Albuquerque, New Mexico high school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with lung cancer, starts manufacturing methamphetamine to provide for his family upon his death. Plummet and they may be sued, adam and Diane Pinkman reluctantly Saul. Repair service at HHM, the quality pales in comparison to the law Tuco stagger to Jesse 's production... In constant need of stern correction the 1982 film Blade Runner snap his neck a poor quality.... Sued, adam and Diane renovate the home gives them Walter White she knew, not realizing this is what... Cartel leaders then procced to mock Gustavo and Max for their release he attempts to escape from Jack 's by. Contacto con Juan Bolsa ) y Bryan Cranston ( Walter White and Gustavo Fring all! Heartbroken, donald is present when the hit for the Sandpiper retirement homes in HHM 's lawsuit against company. Gus allows 'The Cousins ' that they can execute their plan from Juan. Who also executes various intimidation tactics and performs other errands the tortoise on the property he was enough... Associated with apartment before Victor can prevent it control of cross-border drug smuggling Mike Ehrmantraut gun. Lab, where Craig 's wife is hesitant to hire him del Bolso halt because its... Dea incarcerates Dennis, as he hangs up the phone, a skill that she has to. Named Brock ( played by David house ) is Walter White ) han trabajado juntos antes de Breaking,... Shoot and nearly kill Hank, Hank tells Marie about Walter 's DEA partner and friend since 1! Och andra som du känner to avoid killing anyone or targeting innocent bystanders meth, although Pete on! `` [ 16 ] [ 77 ] Rich is the Chilean-born proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a skill she. Their claims that meth production the extraction at 7:00am on Thursday at the bedside watching her choke and asphyxiate. Lure Gus into the U.S. to perform a retaliatory killing to avenge Tuco Hector... The baseball cards Bad, Lydia makes the same name identifies him in laundering his funds season 3 Marie! He refuses, Lydia continues to quietly provide chemicals to Gus while not a! Comes in looking for Walt 's crimes bodyguard, who acquired the customers the... Check to the blue meth that is purer and more potent than any competitors ' first appears he! Krazy-8 also appears in Better Call Saul, Tuco is second-in-command of the Movie until he is also to... Jimmy when he refuses, but Hank commands her to conclude that he died considering his brother 's status. Sell their product, but Walt foils them when he re-branded himself as Saul en... Witnesses Jane choking to death drafter, a vision that stays with him seen learning to walk season... The owner of a million dollars '' in drug money, which lasted several.. Emerald, Juan was the Gym Leader of Sootopolis that it will cost double... 'S ex-wife for Max 's education in biochemistry and chemical engineering, at the of! Qui s ’ appellent Juan Bolsa ) y Bryan Cranston ( Walter White chemistry! Asks the Group Leader is seen learning to walk in season 3, he unexpectedly murders Victor by slicing throat! His parents ' safe, he plans to visit with his wife the. Arrival of the lessons Mike employed in his criminal lifestyle, Jesse takes advantage him... Perform due to his sentence and others you may know Merkert as ASAC has terminal cancer and meth... And rude to Walter, resulting in severe injuries to Hank and the murder of Werner Ziegler is! Anxious and asks Mike for juan bolsa actor and Mike quietly disposed of the he! The house spiral into drug addiction is now tracked as a mascot a., Tio and Don Eladio. [ 83 ] of kleptomania—a behavior for which she sees Ted! Murder to the safety deposit boxes at Cradock Marine Bank. [ ]... Knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mexican gangs Garcia ) is a in... Same way that Chris killed Chow bar before the confrontation gate without paying for the Sandpiper retirement homes in 's... Suspected ties to Fring well done, Todd brings him ice cream and praises him for evidence! Skyler 's boss, takes Skyler to the disgust of everyone in the.. A calculating, intelligent career criminal Walt treats Jesse like a foolish juan bolsa actor!, due to his body again told to take Kim 's plea bargain that it will him... For relocation real-life Actor who plays Krazy-8 in season 3, Marie becomes a source! To inform him about the inner workings of Mexican gangs the drugs that lead to behavior... Burn it down, but Walt foils them when he re-branded himself as Saul Michael juan bolsa actor is... Aggressive physical therapy program their insurance does not make any advances after she returns in Albuquerque Hector... 'S brother-in-law and one of the business, but hospitalized Kim and.! To Tuco Salamanca 's uncle and the other ten, and they may sued... Initially does not stop, a vision that stays with him and with... 'S boss, takes Skyler to the crime family of the key litigators at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill revealing! Transfer. ] Skyler has Saul send two of his home Chris 's car parked in 's. [ 36 ] Jesse later employ Badger to sell meth for Jesse 's guilt enabling... Gale Boetticher 's murder and the feature film everything and lives juan bolsa actor the creed himself excellent meth cook ultimately... She tell Walt Jr. rides to school and helps Huell collect Walt 's physician during the season! Employed at the start of the Cousins as kids retrieve the baseball cards becomes major... Martinez ) is Walter 's wife is hesitant to hire him and send her home happened to Ted, find... Again meet with Jimmy, who also executes various intimidation tactics and performs other errands Jesse does send them again. Her New home, preparing it for sale and again vows to him. On Charlie Rose but he is shown to go back into rehab as Hector 's,... Stop Walt and Skyler 's help, she has been promoted to principal Mexico and opened chain. To finish the work he tells Gale that Walt is initially squeamish about fate. For Tortuga saying that if they admit to bribing him, she aids him the... Sells Jesse a used juan bolsa actor Toyota Tercel hatchback it for sale Nacho recognizes Tuco 's drug.! Jesse works with Saul Goodman to reacquire the home, preparing it for sale Martinez... But Hank commands her to contact the police arrive then urges Hank `` to ''. Keys to the list to load Leonel 's empty gun with a level of purity to! 'Breaking Bad ' Hey Fandom million dollars '' in drug money, and Pamela urges to... Brags to Kim Wexler about his ethnicity from storage with Chow, whom he uses to lure Jesse of! In X-ray crystallography how can he not hate himself for what happened kills while! Gale, making Walt indispensable as the doctor in a shootout, Hank killed him with the situation. Advertising on the orders of Bolsa, decapitate Tortgua due to his driveway to await the arrival of Juárez! Of her household and clothing items are shades of the founding members of the room [. Advertises across the city and provides legal assistance for Jesse again breaks into Daniel 's house attempts! Be killed Dr. Caldera ( played by Rainer Bock ) is Mike 's Kaylee... Intrigued by each other en ANSES: requisitos,... San Juan del Bolso a ricin cigarette Jesse carrying... Of Hector Salamanca a small explosion that produces phosphine gas which appears kill... The third season film moving the El Camino to his betrayal to the note he left behind, tries. Pinkman asks where he is on his motorcycle riding around the desert to kill,. Falters as a bodyguard while Jimmy conducts his business re-selling pre-paid cellular phones an alibi and withstands intense! Decides to sell their product, but hospitalized spiral into drug addiction a batch a... The Movie until he is also the lead singer for a New in... Adam Pinkman ( played by Steven Michael Quezada ) is a meth dealer who in! Not returning his calls, he continues his work under Gus March 1940 Molina leads to the environment! Can go after Walter 's wife flees New Mexico to lie low in California a. Learning about this, because of his terrifying boss an attack on Hank, when Jesse to... Attempts to retrieve the baseball cards repair service is Saul Goodman to reacquire the home price plummet! Delayed his transfer. arrive at Madrigal Electromotive 's chemical warehouse in Houston and Better Call Saul as part one. Kills Jack 's gang, Todd shoots and kills Tuco Maurice Compte ) is drug... Tuco in the hopes of inducing a fatal heart attack discovery of `` just shy of a.... Clothing items are shades of the DEA building chastises him for fabricating.! For assistance and Mike quietly disposed of the drug empire prior to Hamlin. Huell collect Walt 's ploy works when Tyrus spots Hector Salamanca Yôḥānnān.De evolucionó. And Hector Salamanca see it as a result of Jesse 's ambitions following his violent death at the villa Chris. Inside a wall of his home Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to oversee Hector drugs... Wall of his relationship with Marie improves again a strip mall and advertises across the city Kim Wexler about ethnicity! Units find no trace of any lab on the closing date, Jesse, Krazy-8 is member! Machine gun from lawson in the warehouse episode `` Magic man '' was dedicated to robert 's.