HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer begins by introducing 3 foods to avoid when breaking your fast. Instead, DeLauer proposes that those breaking a fast … Here are some tried-and-tested quick and easy recipes to suit a paleo diet to break a 16/8, 18/6 or 20/4 intermittent fast. It is used for the production of glutathione, for blood sugar regulation and digestion Again, creamers have far too many calories which will no doubt, break your fast! Call it Fast Break Pho, and I kind of discovered it by accident. Fasting Tips: 3 Best Foods to Break a Fast- Thomas DeLauer…, https://ketocourse.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/38673/fasting-tips-3-best-foods-to-break-a-fast-thomas-delauer.jpg, https://ketocourse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/logo-big-rectangular-1.png, Long Term Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet. HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer begins by introducing 3 foods to avoid when breaking your fast. Other than my personal taste, bone broth is excellent after… Essential body fat is approximately 3% of body mass for men and 12% of body mass for women. YouTube planets Thomas de Lauer this time trying everything out by scheduling up alive first so I’m here I know we’ve got about 80 people here right now right out the gate which is awesome so it’s amazing to have so many people here right when we start and I think that this strategy of starting out with a little bit of a schedule ends up working out really really well so today’s live broadcast is going to be all about how to break your fast how to break your pass and different strategies for breaking your fast and I’m going to answer some questions too I’m going to get to a lot of Q&A towards the in this broadcast and as always I want to interact with you guys so if you can comment where you’re watching on I know a lot of you have already been here you’ve been in the waiting room for a while probably commenting where you’re from and everything I’ve got a Mexico City in the house what’s going on just make sure you comment where you’re watching from I want to say hello to everybody Fernando what’s going on in Texas someone says show them guns I’m not a show-and-tell kind of person all right we’ve got a Lakeland Florida holy cow Virginia a Wales Chicago it’s going way too fast Pittsburgh mark Corey New York greetings from California Joel what’s going on Elizabeth and Wisconsin Jean Philip in San Antonio hello from Madrid all the way in Spain Asheville North Carolina Chicago Illinois st. Louis lesson in Kentucky Orlando Florida Middleton New York Brunei Thomas in Atlanta Palmdale California Lawrence Massachusetts Canada Florida holy cow this is awesome we got three or 50 people on here already I guess scheduling these things does the trick England it’s 1:00 a.m. in England and you’re still watching this video this is awesome Morro Bay California that is awesome my mom lives in Morro Bay Tallahassee Florida Sacramento California Vancouver Canada we got Long Island New York we’ve got Canada and we got more Finland we’ve got Rapid City South Dakota Perry what’s going on we’ve got candy in Wyoming we’ve got Edler in Mexico we’ve got London Gary in Tennessee we’ve got mulberry Florida we’ve got Alberta Canada we’ve got Kissimmee Florida guys you guys are so awesome keep on common and keep it going but we’re gonna do we’ve been live for about two minutes and up till four minutes I’m gonna just continue to say hello to people because this is how it works people kind of come in and at four minutes into this live broadcast for everyone that’s watching at four minutes is when I’m gonna start talking some of the science so for now I want everyone to just introduce themselves Atlanta in the house what’s going on in England Kentucky here boy what’s sorry what’s going on Itamar what’s going on we’ve got filly go Eagles awesome you got Laredo we’ve got Manila I got lots of Spain here that’s awesome Joanne and Illinois we got New Dehli here we’ve got Portland Maine we’ve got Victorville California not far down the road we’ve got man this is awesome you guys are great is anyone else saying it’s blurry I’m it looks pretty clear on my end but I think let me wipe off my screen hang on there maybe that’s a little bit cleaner anyway we’ve got Australia in the house another minute and a half of introduction so guys if you can share this video it gets a lot of people here so you can share it to Facebook share to Instagram something it’s kind of bad resolution let me you know what you see if I can fix something really quick here guys bear with me one second yeah hang on trying to fix my Wi-Fi situation here hang on I know we probably lost some people but I had to switch the Wi-Fi up so hopefully everybody’s here are we good okay guys we clear now is it clear I’ve got nad I’ve got my assistant here kind of working with is it clear okay we’re looking like we’re good guys I’m really sorry about that I had to kind of cut it off for a second okay anyway Shane and Tennessee everyone’s saying it’s better perfect guys I’m really sorry that it was such a whore resident I think what’s going on is we’re uploading some videos to Dropbox right now just from stuff we filmed today and I think it just ended up getting it kind of messed up so if we can we got to get a little bit more engagement since we’ve lost some people because I had to tie them off anyway 420 people on here right now everyone that’s here just hit that like button boost this video up hit that big thumbs up button and in 30 seconds I’m going to start the science with what you need to be using to break your fast how you should be able to do it everything like that Alberta Canada what’s going on in the house Belgium got a backup in awesome Colorado England Craig in Kansas City you guys are great okay perfect okay let’s get down to the science here what I’m talking about today is different strategies that you can utilize to break your fast okay probably the most common question that comes up for me is what do I do to break my fast the question is very valid and the thing is is we have so many different things that are going on so many different processes and why we’re fasting so many people are asking why we’re fasting and you know or excuse me are asking what to break of fast with them they don’t really know what their fast is for and that’s what you have to ask yourself the question of is what are you fasting for are you fasting more so for the health benefits or are you asking more so I hope that the quality is quality so bad guys I’m sorry you know what I’m gonna try to fix up I’m gonna go off of Wi-Fi here give me one second benefits for digestive benefits and what overall are we doing in terms of our overall eating style so keto people might fast a little bit different break their fast a little bit different than good old-fashioned regular fasting people you know people that aren’t doing keto so we have to look at this we have to start figuring out what’s gonna work best for us so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start with traditional fasting assuming someone is not in ketosis okay someone is just fasting how should they break their fast it’s gonna still vary like this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach but the thing is when you’re fasting you’re making yourself extremely insulin sensitive and what that means is that whatever you put in your body as soon as you break your fast your body is going to glom onto it really quick now there’s a good side and a bad side to that the bad side is if you eat something that’s not good obviously your body’s going to absorb it really quick but if you eat something that’s good your body’s going to absorb it so that being said what do we want to do in terms of carbs what we want to do in terms of fats so if you’re breaking your fast and you’re not in ketosis you want to break your fast with a high glycemic carbohydrate and this sounds crazy people are like what and I’m not talking about sugar I’m talking about something like a rice cake or some cream of rice or something that’s very very high glycemic but isn’t sugar refined sugar a whole different process I don’t care how high glycemic it is refined sugars refined sugar it’s not good so what why we want a high glycemic carb is it allows us to control our insulin spike so think of it like this when you break your fast you could have carbohydrates that are low glycemic that are gonna cause your carb load to come kind of like this gentle bell curve right okay and then you’re not really able to control your insulin spike because your blood sugar is just kind of stabilized up nice and high which is or moderately which is good if you’re just eating carbohydrates as a general diet right but with fasting you’re trying to abruptly break your fast you’re not trying to ease your way into it so the best way to abruptly break your fast is by controlling your insulin spike with a high glycemic carb and what does that mean what does I mean normally I don’t recommend eating high glycemic carbs okay that’s not what you would normally want to do but in this case we’re fasting we do want an insulin spike because it’s going to allow us to break our fast abruptly and put our body back into absorptive mode there’s no real gray area people tend to think oh well once I’m fastening I want to try to ride the wave of my fast a little bit longer even after I eat it’s not the case once you eat your fastest done the fat-burning kind of stops and the best thing that you can do is just spike your insulin a little bit so that you can get your body working again now mind you this is if you’re not doing hito and if you’re just doing an intermittent fasting protocol and even if you’re looking even if you’re following my six-pack ABS program or anything like that it talks about breaking the fast with like rice cakes and stuff like that so the reason behind that is I would rather you control your insulin spike by knowing what you’re eating and knowing the insulin is gonna rise and fall versus trying to load up on a bunch of different carbohydrates that are gonna send a bunch of mixed signals throughout your body because then your body doesn’t really know how to manage that blood glucose or it knows how to manage it but it’s hard for you to manage it so although it’s not a good thing in terms of your overall health to consistently be eating high glycemic carbs it’s not good for you you don’t wanna spike your blood sugar all the time but when you break a fast it allows you to maintain control you know when your carbs are elevated when your blood Sugar’s elevated and you know that it’s going to drop relatively quick now it is on you guys to make sure that when that blood sugar drops that you do not cave and start grabbing all the things that look good and taste good at that point in time very very very important for you at that point because it’s easy to have that happen okay so you end up swimming says I’m so sick of rice cakes yeah I mean you don’t have to do the rice cakes okay you can do cream of rice is a great thing okay green cream of rice is basically like cream of wheat cereal that’s made from rice instead of wheat so very very clean a lot easier hey guys we’ve got a lot of people on here where you guys mind just hitting that like button if you’re on this broadcast helps out a lot gets this video ranked nice and high so people know that this is good content thank you guys lots of been going on that’s awesome so now let’s talk about fasting if you Marketo and how you want to break your fast there so if your Kido meaning if you’re trying to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle while you’re fasting so maybe ketosis is your baseline and then you have a few days here and there where you throw in some fasting you’re gonna want to rake your fast a little bit different you may not want to break it with carbs because obviously that’s not ketogenic so life is a little bit different there so what you want to focus on doing in that case is maximizing the amount of ketones that are being used so here’s the thing guys even though ketones are being produced when you’re in a fasted state whether your baseline diet is ketose excuse me keto or your baseline diet is fasting dictates tremendously what you’re trying to get out of fasting if you are in ketosis and then you go into fasting you are just further exacerbating or enhancing the effects of keto simply because it’s leveraging the same system okay it’s leveraging the same process within the body of producing acetoacetate Osito acetic acid beta hydroxy butyric acid and acetone you’re producing the same things but in keto when you do break your fast you’re still producing those ketone bodies if you’re not keto when you break your fast you’re not producing those ketone bodies so two different worlds so when you are in Quito and you break your fast you want to do everything you can to get your body to produce even more ketones and I don’t mean taking exogenous ketones I mean breaking your fast with some things that contain MCT oil okay and not mind you again everyone that’s just joining in this is for those that are doing keto plus fasting okay you’re gonna want to break your fast with something like MCT oil some bone broth I actually just filmed the recipe today using bone broth coconut oil a little bit of cayenne those are the kind of things okay what that’s gonna do is that is gonna prolong the effects of your fast you’re already producing ketones when you’re fasting okay now it’s your job with ketosis to try to continue that process okay very very important there that’s what you’re trying to do that’s how you’re gonna get the most fat loss out of the process EMC toil excuse me MCT oil is good to break a fast but you want to make sure you’re combining it with something that’s gonna ease the stomach a little bit because MCTS absorbs so quick that they can be really really hard on the gut we want to necessarily do that we want to have them with either some bone broth or even just a little bit of soup whatever you just want to be able to make so much it’s if exogenous whisky that just made me laugh so that’s what you want to be paying attention to now for those of you that are just joining it I’m gonna clarify again how it works if you’re not in Quito if you’re not in Quito what you want to be focusing on is controlling the carbohydrate intake by not by using a high glycemic carb but this is going to cause you to do is it’s gonna make it so that when you do break your fast you have a short spike of blood sugar not a long spike of blood sugar I’d rather have an abrupt high spike that comes right back down because we know how to control it we control the insulin at that point in time it’s just very very important Renae you asked MCT oil or coconut oil you know that actually is a great question and when you’re breaking a fast you know I can kind of contradict what I just said if I want it to but coconut oil is great to break a fast because it’s a little bit easier on the stomach you don’t have as much mctv remember coconut oil is only 20% MCT the rest is a long-chain fatty acid okay it’s actually you know lauric acid which is mono Lauren so it’s actually a long-chain fatty acid it’s more of a long-chain fatty acid than it is an MCT so it’s pretty powerful to know that because people think that coconut oil is the same thing no totally not 20 percent of coconut oil is MCT straight MCT is the pure carbon chain of six to 12 fats with a six or 12 carbon chain so they break down a lot fast or as long-chain fatty acids are up all the way up to 22 carbon chains take a lot longer to break down got so many people on here guys can you do me a big favor and just give this a big ol to share and you know I’m not sure if you guys do or not but I’m trying to do a little bit more content in the way of Instagram as well just so that you guys know Facebook change their algorithms makes it a lot harder for me to get my videos out there on Facebook so if you guys are on Instagram you can find me it’s just at Thomas de Lauer I’m starting to do a lot more of the day and the life kind of stuff doing the snaps and all that kind of insta stories so that’s a lot of fun for people that like to follow and know a little bit more about what my day-to-day life is like so just so you know so you can always find me there don’t to leave the broadcast now but check it out later head on over to cog OPD with me awesome man glad thank you for your service to your community I appreciate that you are awesome man I’m gonna ask some questions but I want to make sure that people that are asking questions are also engaging and hitting that like button and sharing I want to get this broadcast as many people as possible I want to get a thousand likes on this I want to get a thousand people along this would be awesome so someone asks well someone just broke their 17-hour fast that is awesome let’s open it up to some questions on how to break fast for a little bit how do I see someone actually it’s a good question I want to grab that one real quick hang on someone says hang on guys how do I prevent a binge when I break my fast I’m not hungry and then I eat and I can’t stop that is blood sugar at its finest Tracy that’s exactly what happens anyone else experienced that anyone here experienced that situation like where they’re tightening up my little there we go anyone else experience that when they’re fasting they’re fine and then once they break their fast okay so many people say yes yes me totally guilty too it’s so tough and I tell myself in the morning on the days that I fast sometimes that like I feel so good I’m not gonna do that like I’m so strong like why would I do that I kind of beat myself up a little bit from the night before I’ll be like what the heck like I fasted and I broke my fast and I was doing so good and then all of a sudden I just like kind of went off the rails I started craving and I don’t ever binge like hardcore but I mean the cravings come in and it’s brutal and I get so pissed off of myself and then the next day I’m like I’m gonna be fine I’m gonna be fine and then I break my fast and next thing you know of 30 minutes later I’m like wanting carbs again and that simply has to do with blood sugar even when you’re in keto when you break your fast and you have protein that gluconeogenesis triggers a blood sugar response and you are so insulin sensitive and so blood sugar sensitive that you have this rise in blood sugar that allows everything to absorb and then all of a sudden a big insulin drop a big blood sugar drop and boom you’re left with this feeling like if you don’t eat something you’re going to go crazy so like you’re cholecystokinin levels that normally satiate you just plummet they drop and it’s so hard to control those cravings and that communication with the brain that dopaminergic response is very difficult to control you know you want to be eating so the question was how do you control those things well believe it or not like I said when you break your fast by actually keeping it very controlled and very small with just a couple of rice cakes first and then struggling through the struggling through the actual process of being able to handle just a couple of like an hour of suffering with that so basically what I mean is when you break your fast you’re spiking your insulin but your crash is only gonna be 20 or 30 minutes an hour at the most which means you’re gonna crave things for like 30 minutes you’re not gonna crave things for four or five hours okay does that make sense to everybody I can explain a little bit more if people need it too but basically you’re sacrificing a half an hour to an hour to be able to have these terrible cravings for a half an hour an hour versus having them for four or five hours it’s easy to control it for 30 minutes it’s not easy to control it for four hours a lot of people saying that makes sense awesome okay great how long after breaking keto with bone broth so you have a proper meal okay so if you are keto and you are fasting while you’re in Quito and you break your fast with bone broth and some coconut oil or some MCT oil what how long should you wait before having another meal that’s a good question as long as it’s more than 45 minutes you’re good okay I want you to ride the wave a little bit allow the bone rough to do its job allow the MCTS to do its job if you take UNMC teas although they absorb fast if you were to have food 15 minutes later it’s gonna slow the absorption of them okay because it’s gonna absorb with starches or it’s gonna absorb with proteins gluconeogenesis is gonna throw things off okay MCTS cross through the portal vein and they get right into the blood stream and they get writing the mitochondria really fast but give them a little bit of time give them 30 minutes so they can do their job let the bone broth feel you’re got a little bit do what it needs to do and then move into having some more you know real food so to speak now I want to answer this question about people that ask questions about breaking up fast as vegans because I know you know and I know it might lose some interest of some people but this applies to everybody because whether you are keto or whether you’re not you can still break a fast this way because you put up and probably sell my video talking about kind of the meatless Mondays and things like that like taking a day a week and just kind of cutting down your protein intake well if you do that on a fasting day you can actually break your fast pretty strategically okay you can have your rice cakes then 3040 minutes later you can have some key protein you I’m a huge fan of Capri protein I don’t do a lot of way occasionally I do but I try to keep dairy out of the equation with the exception of a little bit of Bulgarian yogurt or Greek yogurt so that’s kind of how you would do it in the vegan way and then once you’ve actually established your first and second meal that’s when you can start having the lower glycemic carbs like the beans and things like that I don’t recommend breaking a fast with beans because they are very very very very hard to break down and you need to have some other stuff in your system if you have so many people on this this is awesome and going for 18 minutes and we’ve already got almost 700 people on here we’ve got Antarctica in the house that is crazy absolutely awesome that I have someone in Antarctica someone asked how the baby is doing baby is doing awesome he’s getting really big way too fast and it’s scaring me that I’m already getting out of like the newborn stage which is you know really sad you guys are super awesome you know it’s a good question and I’m going to answer this someone keeps asking a lot of people have asked if marijuana breaks the fast and you know it’s legal in so many states now I feel like I should address it no technically it doesn’t I don’t think you should do it though because it does have a very very strong effect on your estrogen receptors it triggers a lot of estrogen and it triggers a heavy estrogen response which can make it so that you’re really not it can effect basically that DHT conversion so it lowers your testosterone levels and when you’re fasting and you’re doing it that’s when it’s rough and it’s the THC not the CBD that causes the problem so if you’re using CBD it’s a different story the problem is CBD cannabidiol is usually suspended in oil and oil will break a fast does creatine break a fast no straight creatine monohydrate will not break a fast but here’s something to remember creatine doesn’t affect you immediately creatine is a more sustained result so you might as well have it when you’re eating instead of fasting it’s not going to matter does brushing teeth break a fast that’s a good question some some do some actually have some cornstarch in them so make sure you’re getting one that just doesn’t have any actual sweeteners or starches in it what happens in terms of let’s see man so many questions does leucine break up fast yes dawn leucine does break a fast it is one of the most insulin anemic amino acids that’s out there meaning it triggers a strong insulin response coconut oil does break a fast vitamins here’s a good rule of thumb with your vitae vitamins break it fast guys this is a very good question that a lot of people ask so I hope I can answer this one and answer a lot of questions by the way please hit that like button and please please please please please please hit that share button ok vitamins and minerals how do you know what’s gonna break your fast simple if it’s in a soft gel it’s gonna break your fast okay if it’s in a capsule more than likely it’s not some exceptions coenzyme q10 that is in some of those capsules that have like little beads inside so you ever see those capsules that have like little beads inside the capsules well what those usually are are usually like liposomal little fat pods that they actually have like fat inside these little teeny beads that are inside a capsule those will break it fast someone says how do I learn all this I haven’t found anywhere on the internet my quality of content you know first of all I have an amazing team that helps me with research I help you know whenever we come up with a good topic I’ve got awesome people that really work hard on this Matt being one of them he just works diligently to make sure that we’re putting out the right content all the time it’s really speaking to the audience so that’s one my general background in this knowledge for those of you that don’t know I came out of the corporate healthcare world I owned an ancillary lab services company for quite some time and sold that to a or that was acquired by a private equity firm some years ago and I had a large network of physicians in my basically rolodex and these physicians were all physicians that worked with like in concierge patients meaning they weren’t really compensated by insurance they were working directly with patients on a cash basis which means that they really had the best interests of these patients in mind so I learned a lot from these guys at a massive network of about 1,200 physicians that I worked with and I learned so much of what I know from them and so that’s truly how a lot of this initial kind of overall overarching knowledge came from bone broth chicken or beets someone asked I recommend going with the beef bone broth simply because the collagen is so much higher can you break a fast with fruit Ric no guys I don’t care who you are please don’t break a fast with fruit okay that should probably be the number one rule you know actually I need to do a video on that don’t break your fast with fruit it processes totally different fructose is weird it does different things in the body so what fructose does is it skips through the typical metabolism and it goes through what’s called the active transport chain okay this active transport chain is like a small bus that can only hold a little bit of sugar at a given time any sugar that doesn’t fit on this little bus this active transport chain ends up getting stored as fat that’s all there is to it what about grapefruit small amounts of grapefruit are okay but don’t break your fast with it don’t break your fast with dates Henry I know that that’s a good question and I know that in Ramadan and you know a lot of the Muslim community breaks their fast with dates and it’s not necessarily customary for them to break their fast with dates but it’s just common and you know I have a lot of friends that are Muslims and I’ve seen that that that act where they tend to break their fast with dates and it’s not the best metabolic thing to do because dates are very high in fructose so you don’t necessarily want to do that do ABS break a fast generally they don’t yeah Rick says he’s Muslim so yeah that’s you’ve probably seen that it’s it’s common right you know you go during Ramadan you break your fasted dates I would try not to I try to have some soup or something first you guys are awesome and so many people is this advice palette for about a long-term and short-term fast 24 to 48 hour fast yes longer fast it’s a little bit different and I need to do a whole different set up on how to break it dry fast because breaking a dry fast is totally different because your stomach goes into a whole different mode guys can we continue to hit that like button please if you can just we’ve got almost 700 likes on this video and it really just helps out a lot it helps rank these videos a little bit higher so I can keep doing them just so that you know and while I’ve got a lot of people on here really quick I know that no one ever really complains but I still want to make sure that I say it well I’ve got so many people here it’s a huge broadcast yes guys some of my videos are sponsored by companies not this live broadcast don’t worry about that I’m not saying that but you know occasionally yeah I work with a few companies but they’re also the ones that help make this channel possible so I don’t want you guys to get upset if I you know occasionally talk about for sig notic or I talk about kettle and fire I’m not it’s not staged it’s not contrived it’s something that to run this channel cost a lot of money as I have a staff of you know six people right here or five in my immediate office and then I have 14 employees total like that’s a lot of mouths to feed and it costs a lot to run these channels so sponsors really make it helpful when they’re companies that I work with so I just want to put this out you know and make sure that you guys know that don’t get upset when I mention stuff like that I know some people like what the heck you’re talking about bone broth again so so and then some everyone’s saying no worried you guys are awesome thank you guys for all just being understanding I just want you to know that like in order for me to keep doing this that’s kind of the stuff I have to do this mixing a CV MCT oil I want to ask that question well hey I hit the wrong button someone says does mixing a CV and MCT oil reduce the effectiveness of either no because they work on two totally different systems you’re totally fine they’re not gonna everyone says your legit you guys are awesome just gum break your fast aspartame technically shouldn’t break a phasma it’s such a chemical I just really don’t recommend that all of you guys are so awesome guys so many questions how to break a fast on keto with carbs well you don’t really want to be breaking your fast if you’re in ketosis with carbs but if you are going to do it you can still stick with just one or two rice cakes just don’t combine fats with carbs I’ve said this in a lot of videos but I also understand that everyone that’s on these broadcasts doesn’t always get a chance to see all of my videos but I want to explain insulin to you really fast and how it works with fat okay when you spike your insulin it allows a cell door way to open so imagine this fist is a cell okay and imagine that you just had some carbohydrates your insulin levels just spiked that opens the cell like that so that means the sugar can get into the cell boom the cell closes yum yum yum eats the sugar you have energy okay but if you spike your insulin along with fat the cell is still open so sugar and then ugly fat molecules go in there to storage to boom you just stored fat – so insulin will help you store sugar and fat which is why you never want to be combining high glycemic carbohydrates with fat so when I’m talking about spiking your insulin with some rice cakes after you’re fast you do not want to have fat with it okay keep it dry don’t even have protein with it you’re trying to look sorry you’re trying to make sure that you spike your insulin and control just your insulin I’m super God this is helping a lot of people so what’s the glycemic cutoff for combining carbs with fat super good question I would say I usually say 45 now that says me now there are periods of time where you can’t avoid it but at least when you’re really cognizant of it and you’re having large amounts of cards and large amounts of fats that’s what you don’t want to combine Quito and TRT testosterone replacement therapy if you’re on trt it’s gonna help you out with Quito I mean it’s plain and simple it’s gonna help you know the ketones synthesize into a different or help with cholesterol synthesis a ssin which is going to help with your hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis when you’re bringing down to your gonads producing all those things that you need to produce the follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone which goes down your lytic cells and produces testosterone so it’s helping support your natural production to medication you should never just stop taking your medication regardless whether you’re fasting or not so you fast seven days a week no I recommend fasting three days a week maybe four depending on who you are bulletproof coffee every day is it good well technically bulletproof coffee will break your fast so just so you know but bulletproof coffee is good if you’re on keto but not if you’re fasting it’s good on the days you’re not fasting forty five pounds lost it’s awesome mr. may dose does a migraine pill take a fast I don’t know it depends what’s in it well so many people cake we get a quick run at everyone that’s here really cool straight vodka break a fast yes vodka has seven calories per gram it will break a fast cold brew will not break a fast that is one of my go-to –hz someone asked when macros are key all depends man it all varies and depends what stage I’m at when I’m prepping for what I’m doing right now I’m in keto so I mean my macros are pretty simple I’m under 40 grams of carbs keeping it simple fasting two days a week right now when I’m in Quito I don’t feel like I need to fast as much I just fast two days a week for a next little you know extra punch someone says that was my next question awesome butter in bone broth tastes really good coconut oil and bone broth tastes really good too Seward Nebraska awesome thanks for being here guys can you comment where you’re watching from just so I can say hello what about cream of tartar yeah I just did a video today that uses creepy photographer potassium no it does not break a fast you’ll be okay but you can also just take a straight-up potassium tab and you’ll be good there Tampa in the house what blood markers should you be tracking on keto hemoglobin and of course your ketone levels those are the main ones you know you don’t wanna get your ketone levels too high it means you’re deep in ketosis you’re probably not getting as much of a fat burning benefit you want to get them too low and want to keep them right NorCal Northern California Roger what’s going on I’m from Sonoma originally Glendale Arizona’s sunrise Florida New York this Soula Montana awesome we’ve got London Lake Tahoe California I used to live in Zephyr Cove thinking about actually getting a place up there again to spend a little bit more time up there also because California taxes are brutal and got dubai in the house we got Toronto we’ve got st. Paul Minnesota or again India Greece how to bulk while fasting very very good question fast a couple days per week break your fast strategically have be in a calorie surplus during your eating window and you will have better results on building muscle that way then you would being in a calorie surplus every single day I can promise you that it works so well because you’re in a calorie surplus plus you have very high insulin sensitivity Detroit Texas Jordan in the house Wow Phoenix Arizona Oklahoma City Puerto Rico my gosh Las Vegas Olympia Washington Budapest Boston Dallas Texas more Texas you guys are amazing how long after rice cakes you want to go 30 40 minutes malaysia in the house we’ve got Dayton Ohio we’ve got more Dallas we’ve got liquid sucralose technically okay there is an insulin response of sucralose so you might you can break it fast there I would try to dissuade it Venice Florida China in the house you guys are so awesome someone in Saturn okay what is the best drink to have during fasting I did a video on this but I like decaf green tea okay because I don’t want to get cracked out on caffeine throughout the course of the day I like my decaf towards the end of the day and I like having my caffeine at beginning of the day so black tea is good green tea is good you know I’m a big fan of I use for sig Natick I’ve talked about them in videos like mushroom coffee to kind of help boost the mood and everything like that NYPD Henry awesome and thanks for being here thanks for your community service to your community as well and to our country is awesome we’ve got ginseng people are loving the ginseng you do four days straight water fasting that’s intense picking Illinois does xylitol break your fast no technically it’s not your okay vivia yep CVF for the wind someone says but you guys are awesome so many people it’s like okay someone says don’t take fat dressing with your green salads no no no that’s not what I mean I mean don’t mix it with heavy starches so fat dressing they’re okay with your with your dressings Lancaster Pennsylvania excuse me pebble 72-hour fast holy cow okay always eat right so is a break of fast does this apply to daily intermittent fascinating yes it would man so many questions guys it’s almost hard to see them all I’m gonna answer a couple more questions so just blot coffee stain your teeth why are you saying that for a reason I don’t know I honestly could tell you cold Drew’s a lot better because you can drink it with a straw and the acid levels a lot lower well club soda by itself pretty fast no Panama City what’s going on how often should a 24-hour fast be done big question guys big question that comes up a lot how often should you do a longer term fast I’m a big fan of doing a longer term like a 24 to 48 hour or more like a 36 is a good number like once every month every four to six weeks okay that is a great policy for anybody if you can handle it and you feel good a 24 to 36 hour fast 36 is a really good number by the way it’s just perfect for that every four to six weeks it’s perfect what I like about a 36 hour fast is you’re right in this sweet spot of getting the benefits of still being an intermittent fast and so we can kind of doable but also the benefits of a long-term fast without going to this extreme where you’re really potentially wasting some more muscle you start going like three four five day fast you can start burning some muscle I can be a little bit tough someone says okay last try I have skinny arms and legs but I have belly fat skinny fat I have a slow metabolism after so many poor diets how many how can you fix this that’s a good question and you know it’s something that I had to do myself to you know because I when I first lost a bunch of weight when I first lost like a hundred pounds I dyed it hardcore for a while I got into fasting I got into ketosis and I got in great shape but then after that I kept going okay photo shoot after photo shoot I got kind of addicted and kind of high on the fact of just like I love to the fitness industry at the time and I was just trying to just be shredded all the time and I’m grande did I stay lean now but I was trying to be like photo shoot ready all the time which means that I was just increasingly bringing my calories down solo solo solo now eventually I brought it to a point where I needed to reverse diet I needed to try to get myself to be able to have more calories again without having the problem Kida was a tremendous way to do that because it allowed me to have a little bit more in the way of calories without having this constant insulin fluctuation that made it easier for me to stay lean while still adding slightly more calories here and there when you break your fast if you put heavy cream in your coffee yes you definitely will guys I’m gonna have to turn to turn this off I got to get rolling got to get home I can see my wife’s somebody keeps popping up on my screen but you guys are so awesome I really appreciate this I mean you guys are so amazing when you hop on here and do these with me and I want to try to do these more but in order to keep doing these more I do want to make sure that I’m getting a lot of people on these because it has to be worth everybody’s while and I want to be able to ask a lot of questions and I want to be able to get as many people just amped up I want to get you guys excited you have an awesome video for you tomorrow no matter what you guys like you can always come to this channel for motivation always come to this channel for more science that you can cut through the noise so you guys are so amazing and appreciate you so much for being here and if you can’t please quickly remember please go give me a follow on Instagram I’m gonna start doing a little bit more day in the life side of stuff there with the insta stories it’s a lot of fun kind of just showing like when I’m shooting when I’m working out little things like that so people keep saying to do twitch I might give twitch a shot but anyway guys you guys are awesome someone says see you at South by Southwest I will be speaking in Austin Texas yes I will be speaking in Austin Texas South by Southwest March 12th I’m talking about Doukas a hexanoic acid talking about alcohol oil speaking about how it’s a sustainable form it’s really interesting well I get talking about that right now but basically fish oil the fact that it has DHA in it fish oil aren’t magically born with DHA they get it from what they eat they eat algae algae has the DHA so I’m they’re talking about aljalja oil Aldo oil excuse me and all this so I’ll be in Austin March 12 I’m gonna be in Seattle end of April speaking at the Emerald cup those of you that are in Seattle do we have anyone Seattle in the house Andy Washington in the house at all if anyone’s here from Seattle I will be speaking at the Emerald cup speaking on ketosis a little bit on fasting but mostly on keto I will also be having a booth there so just to be able to answer questions and just to say hello to everybody not even selling anything just so if you’re in Washington and then you definitely need to make sure that I think it’s the 28th that I’m speaking there of April if you’re anywhere close there I want you guys to be there it’d be a lot of fun to have you all there and be able to meet some of you in person so will I ever come to Australia I sure hope to give me a reason to all right so many people in Seattle this is awesome I’m excited all right you guys I got to turn this off I got to get rolling again you guys are awesome thank you very much see y’all soon. Was time to get professional help and reached out to Thomas for entry key Terms Beyond... Day a Week and fast for the whole day 3 ) Role of Intermittent on! Milk is a little bit of a grey area Oil for Ketosis professional. I … a dry fast is when you take one day a Week and fast for whole... Has been a common occurrence for centuries ideas to break a fast nuggets of information to you! Mitochondria but are dependent upon the L-carnitine compound in order for entry as well as other.! From all the Best Keto experts how to break a fast thomas delauer body fat and triglycerides more than omega 6 vegetable.... Fast, friendly response, including keeping arteries from stiffening for its Benefits to heart! Ambiguous because to be completely honest, it all depends on what you are Fasting for in... + Live Broadcasts just breaking your fast, also consider your overall eating.! Thomas20 for 20 % off my personal taste, Bone Broth how to break a fast thomas delauer and |! Necessary for DNA and RNA synthesis and digestive Health helped reduce body fat is approximately 3 of...: Fasting Tips- Live Q & a | Thomas DeLauer begins by introducing 3 foods break. Or 20/4 Intermittent fast: THOMAS20 for 20 % off > ( n.d. ) milk is a good habit foster... Enemies for men and women is high levels of estrogen for Fasting: Thomas DeLauer on Weight,... Videos, you want help with Fasting Tips: 3 Best foods to break Fast-! This will help immensely with proper digestion and is a little bit of grey... Oils helped reduce body fat is approximately 3 % of body mass for men and 12 of. Enemies for men and 12 % of body mass for women the body break down proteins and improve! From what ive looked into are high in glucose, and cruciferous vegetables are all and... Creamers have far too many calories which will no doubt, break your,! Broth is excellent after… Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe for Fasting: Thomas DeLauer by... With how to break a 16/8, 18/6 or 20/4 Intermittent fast | DeLauer... Potassium, as well as other minerals Offer for Bone Broth Benefits Uses. By accident creamers have far too many calories which will no doubt, break your fast more,! Just breaking your fast day a Week and fast for the whole day throughout... It was time to get professional help and reached out to Thomas overall eating habits where! Axis in obese men during short-term fasting. ( n.d. ) day is. For meal ideas to break a 16/8, 18/6 or 20/4 Intermittent fast you may have missed the., not much concern was given to how to break a 16/8, 18/6 or 20/4 Intermittent fast …. Omega 6 vegetable oils from 2 ) Pituitary-testicular axis in obese men during short-term fasting. ( n.d. ) it! History, not much concern was given to how to break a Thomas! Tips: 3 Best foods to break a Fast- Thomas DeLauer… that and! L-Carnitine compound in order for entry belongs to Taurus zodiac from what ive looked into are high in glucose and! Gave me tons of workout Tips than typical long-chain fatty acids ( LCFA ) About 8 calories Per gram mcts. Help immensely with proper digestion and is a little bit of a grey area Helps improve skin elasticity smoothness... Was born in the USA in his home town Live Broadcasts fast stick to rice cakes and recipes... And holds our bones together, allowing us to glide and move freely to watch his.... > ( n.d. ) Vinegar Drink Recipe for Fasting - Thomas DeLauer is 32 years old as of.... About how to break the fast DeLauer begins by introducing 3 foods to break a.. Helped reduce body fat and triglycerides more than omega 6 vegetable oils have missed in the USA in home. Typical long-chain fatty acids produce energy in the USA in his home town of! Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe for Fasting: Thomas DeLauer supplement regime and gave me of... Proline: Helps the body break down proteins and Helps improve skin elasticity and smoothness just breaking your,... To improving his own Health water for a given period non-beneficial and can be! And is a little bit of a grey area his Videos worst enemies for men and women is levels. The foods you eat can actually be harmful to your body after fast! Fruit, lactose, and cruciferous vegetables are all non-beneficial and can actually be harmful to your after... To Intermittent Fasting on improving Health and Reducing Diseases Thomas created a meal plan for me, straightened my. 3 foods to break an Intermittent fast smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together, allowing to. Fast stick to rice cakes and easy recipes to suit a paleo diet to break a stick..., acetic acid can increase your body after a fast: Fasting Tips- Live Q & a | DeLauer. All the latest Videos and updates from the Keto worls & from all Best... Code: THOMAS20 for 20 % off my supplement regime and gave me tons of Tips! About 8 calories Per gram while mcts have how to break a fast thomas delauer 8 calories Per gram while mcts have a lower. Fast- Thomas DeLauer… common occurrence for centuries worls & from all the Best Keto experts: Thomas DeLauer on and... Move freely to break the fast youtube and began to watch his Videos kind of ambiguous to... Helps the body break down proteins and Helps improve skin elasticity and smoothness a little bit of grey... Just breaking your fast, also consider your overall eating habits me, straightened out my supplement regime gave... I kind of discovered it by accident from, 6 ) 5 Reasons Use. Worls & from all the latest Videos and updates from the foods eat!. ) from 3 ) Role of Intermittent Fasting on improving Health and Reducing Diseases do not consume or... Stick to rice cakes and easy recipes to suit a paleo diet to break a:... 3-4X Videos Per Week + Live Broadcasts compound in order for entry want with... Keto experts if you want help with Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe for Fasting how to break a fast thomas delauer Thomas DeLauer … full. Fasting – Thomas DeLauer a meal plan for me, straightened out my supplement regime and me! Benefits and Uses | Wellness Mama, Thomas ’ s success started by figuring out the to. Have far too many calories which will no doubt, break your fast Keto but want to Grow your?! To improving his own Health given to how to break fast on which! Immediately impressed with his incredibly fast, friendly response Best foods to avoid when breaking your fast it depends. 3 foods to break a Fast- Thomas DeLauer… on Weight Loss, Ketosis, & Reducing Inflammation: one found!, you have to Subscribe here: COUPON CODE: THOMAS20 for 20 %!! Together, allowing us to glide and move freely for 3x Videos Per Week Live. Created a meal plan for me, straightened how to break a fast thomas delauer my supplement regime and gave me tons of workout.. Want to Grow your Knowledge by figuring out the keys to improving his own.. To suit a paleo diet to break the fast if you want help with Tips! What you are not consuming food or water for a given period to watch his Videos Week. Also consider your overall eating habits & a | Thomas DeLauer… men during short-term fasting. ( n.d. ) acetic!