Ad. 186. Ender 3 Bearing Filament Holder for Stock Bracket. Can anyone recommend a side mount spool holder please? Dual Z Axis Ender 3 / 3Pro . This page is compiled by /u/lillevarg, if you have something to add or ask about the wiki, please put your comments here. This wiki aims to provide a resource for new users of the Ender 3. Spool Holder. 1. 24. It sounds like all you have to do is flip the original metal spool holder arm, so that the flat side faces forward, then that bearing roller will sit vertical. by CR83D Jul 11, 2019 . Saved by Thingiverse. Explore. 3D Printing.. by BoothyBoothy 5 days ago . 4. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. 3639. Ender 3 spatula holder . Creality Ender 3 spool holder adapter by marcelofarinon Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. by redmaxver May 15, 2018 . Ender 3 spool holder by coolfooly . Saved by Thingiverse. by Kenji815 May 18, 2018 . 6. Side Spool Mount - Ender 3 (Pro) / Creality CR - Long & Extra Long . Ender 3 Pro Spool inserts. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Ender 3 Z axis guide ... Creality Ender 3 Glass Bed adapter . Ender 3 spool holder . DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Thingiverse is a universe of things. Side Spool Mount - Ender 3 (Pro) / Creality CR - Long & Extra Long . Just wondered which filament reels will fit on the Ender 3 Spool hub. by PsychoShaft Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. by emolan Nov 15, 2019 . 3d Printer Designs 3d Printer Projects Cnc Projects Useful 3d Prints Screen Printing 3d Printing 3d Printed Objects 3d Home Pulley. Bed 62 initial, final 56, hot end: 206 initial layer, 198 final, retraction 52mm/s On Creality Glass bed. Ender 3 Fan Duct/Fan Mount . 26 54 2. Manta Compact Fan Duct & Tool Change System . Auto-Rewind Spool Top Mount for Ender 3/Pro . DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. I have looked up a few on thingiverse and the comments suggested they all had certain issues. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Click on images to download ender 5 spool holder STL files for your 3D Printer. by builditfull Jun 6, 2018 . Ender 3 45° Spool Holder. Saved from Thingiverse is a universe of things. MakerBot Print is our newest print-prepration software, which supports native CAD files and STL assemblies, 3. It works very well for me. 2 comments. by helmuteder May 11, 2019 . DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Printed at .18 mm with 2 wall at 40mm / sec, 15% infill. Hydra Fan Duct & Tool Change System for Ender 3 Ender 5 CR10 . DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. (Update 2019-04-25)!!!!! by regularlabs Apr 6, 2019 . ... Dual spool holder for Ender-3 (and other printers with 2020 profile) DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. $159.99. ... Universal Filament Spool Holder . ENDER 3 / CR-10 Direct Extrusion Mount . If anyone has a design I would prefer to build over buy. Thingiverse is a universe of things. 2. 2. 341 522 43. 1259 1986 31. TEVO® Tarantula Pro 3D Printer Kit with 235x235x250mm Printing Size. ... Ender 3 Pro (Meanwell PSU) Tool Holder by spammers - Thingiverse. I don't want to get a spool of filament and find out the hole is too small and it won't fit on the holder or something like that. Some genius thought that was well suited to point straight up at the printing area where all the filament and loose screws fall all over the place, getting sucked right into the fan and launched at the main board. ... Spoolholder for Cubic- and Delta-printers with room for casing. Ender 3 Filament Guide by D3D_Designs. by Kenji815 May 18, 2018 . Ender 3 spool holder. Spool holder bracket 50mm shift for A10M A10. Ender 3 (pro or 2020 Extrusion) Horizontal Filament Spool Holder.