What does that mean? Shift the Jeep into neutral, then pull the lever from 2H to 4L. With the recent release of the Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel engine this program has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands, and Jeeps, of our customer base. The 4.0 engine was in production in North America until 2006, when the Jeep Wrangler TJ was replaced by the new JK design that uses Chrysler's OHV 3.8L V-6. That seemed crazily excessive and I never would have believed that without reading it in the manual myself. The voltage regulator was one of the components that would go inert. Fortunately, the Cummins 4BT engine does not run particularly hot. The factory service manuals define the operating temperature between 170° and 190° Fahrenheit. As a replacement fuel gauge, a programmable unit will probably be required (if NOT using the stock sender) such as an Autometer 3310. Forgetting to make this change before leaving the mechanic will quickly leave a Jeep stranded and unable to pour diesel into the tank. If you're intending to increase the output power of the Cummins 4BT, then a heavy duty transmission such as the NV4550 is vital. The new EcoBoost Raptor is making headlines, but wouldn’t that motor be even better with 2,000lbs less to haul around? Diesel engines, especially when turbocharged, do not generate vacuum. The stock oil pressure gauge in the Wrangler TJ is an idiot gauge. The most obvious thing to consider with a Cummins 4BT upgrade is handling the increased weight of the engine. There were no shortcuts taken by Cummins, nor any modifications to make it work. I opted instead to use a known good transmission that has shipped with the Jeep Wrangler before. This won't be much of a comparative discussion between GM and Ford V8's, but our customers do often ask us our opinions on the topic. It does not show instantaneous pressure, rather it only displays the presence of pressure (upright and center) or a complete lack thereof (dropped left into the red). As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I could have used these engine mounts had the old upper control arms actually still been in place. The wire going into the PCM is for tapping is C-26. I do tend to get more mpg than the typical driver simply as a result of the huge factor driving style plays into fuel efficiency. As such, I opted to add an Autometer Diesel Tachometer that triggers from the alternator. Then you will want to pull down on the lever from 2H (2 wheel drive) to 4H ( 4 wheel drive). After cleaning her up, this Cummins 4BT is looking a lot better. interested in: Rally, Rally raid (Paris-Dakar), internal combustion engines, 4x4 modifications, mechanical design. Find a 6.2 liter from a Cadillac Escalade and you have an easy 400hp and almost 420lb-ft of torque, but even the 4.8 liters from the base model trucks have more than 250hp and nearly 300lb-ft of torque. Keep it lubricated! Mask off all the appropriate locations to make sure paint isn't covering gasket surfaces. Jeep Wrangler 2.2 MultiJet 200ch Unlimited Rubicon Rock-Trac BVA8 188g. I used a Flex-a-Lite from Quadratec. The Jeep platform from the Willys, through CJ and YJ, on up to the TJ is designed to be a gas platform. If you’re gung-ho about swapping in a diesel engine in your Jeep and don’t want to re-invent the wheel, there are some supported options. With the Cummins 4BT attached and centered, get the engine mounts placed against the frame and marked. There are some rules of thumb to buying a used Cummins 4BT ... heed them! Speeds above that, while really the same in terms of engine noise, do not feel as loud (from the engine) because the usual Jeep noises from tires, wind and a soft top start to become a factor. For my Jeep on 35" tires with an AX-15 transmission - I chose 3.07 gears based on the charts below. It's easier to get one at a lower price when the sale is for the entire vehicle as scrap. The ECU would deactivate management functions shortly after starting since the sensors could not detect the 4.0L running. What size tires are you turning? Re-gearing is absolutely essential to properly running a Cummins 4BT in a Jeep. The nice part is that it has a switch allowing you to choose between two tire sizes (presumably on-road and off-road) and set independent adjustments up to 10%. The oil pan, however, is much lower and unless you plan on scraping it off on a rock, you need 4" of real lift. Updated October 2017. The Dana 44 will handle the stock Cummins 4BT but if you intend to modify the motor, opt for a more durable axle from the beginning. My first thoughts were, well, maybe I can just bore the cylinders for a 4.7L stroker. Depending on what state you live in, doing this conversion might not be permissible at all. Now is the time to install an upgraded driveshaft like a Tom Woods capable of handling greater torque. Dana 44s or Dana 60s are standard differentials in the swap community. These are the dyno results for my old RIPP SuperCharger versus a stock 4.0L Jeep engine. On a dynometer, my Jeep in stock form peaked at 162 ft-lbs of torque (at the wheels) at around 4600rpm. The axles and suspension must also be retrofitted. His engines quickly began making a name for themselves by setting records for fuel efficiency and speed. The regulator controls the electric field on the alternator to keep the voltage at a steady 14V. Since 1989 the Bruiser Conversions team has been refining the diesel conversion program for the Jeep Wrangler. Since Jeep has been owned by mother Mopar since the 1980s, you have to wonder why they don’t do this swap themselves and offer it to power mad Wrangler buyers. Mechanical Engineer, admin of lebanonoffRoad.com . If you are looking for a diesel engine to swap in, this one is the easiest one to use, though finding one is the hard part. Engine Mounts Adapters Fuel Tank Conversion Instructions\Pictures Customer Projects Pictures dan@jeffdanielsjeeps.com 215-256-8090 x 16 ~WE NO LONGER SELL OR SUPPORT ANY 4BT CONVERSION COMPONENTS, IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO INSTALL ONE … Do it right or you'll be stuck on a trail with a bunch of broken parts. Put another 4.0L in? The Jeep Wrangler is the quintessential off-road 4x4, a vehicle capable in its own right, but able to be modified and customized in almost every conceivable way. A body lift will not help at all, the top of the Cummins 4BT fits fine in the engine bay. The challenge becomes mating the Cummins 4BT to that transmission. But it comes with a big risk in that you have absolutely no idea what how well that engine was taken care of and it comes with no warranty whatsoever. Available kits make this a practical plug and play swap. Granted, I also have a Rock Hard Extreme Duty front bumper and a 100 pound Warn PowerPlant mounted ... but if you're the kind of person to consider mounting a Cummins 4BT, you probably have a heavy Jeep, too. Ford Windsor V8 power is actually a very good choice for the YJ Wrangler. The Jeep Gladiator pickup gets a new diesel engine option for 2021. Shipping may be the most expensive part, but find a used parts dealer in Canada or Mexico, and you may be able to buy a whole diesel Wrangler powertrain. These motors were in all sorts of commercial trucks and vans, plus stationary equipment like generators, cement mixers, and wood chippers. A number of companies offer turnkey conversions such as a Cummins 4BT from Bruiser Conversions or a Volkswagon TDi from HPA Motorsports. This would guarantee me a proper driveline fit and known compatibility with the Cummins 4BT. Smells like diesel, too." So much ease in fact that diesel fuel economy can more than double for a modified Jeep. Do you drive 55mph or 70mph? Now the welding process should be easy and the mounts from JD Jeeps allow some wiggle room after the fact for getting everything centered and straight. Chevy's Cruze Diesel is getting all the headlines, but there's another U.S.-built diesel due out this year--the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. "Improve MPG: The Factors Affecting Fuel Efficiency", VnutZ, accessed 31 March 2013 from. External voltage regulator for the alternator. Even though the Wrangler's ECU is not needed at all to operate the Cummins 4BT, it must remain active in order to get the stock instrument cluster to work. It should go without saying that properly functioning brakes are of the utmost importance. It was in the late eighties that Cummins introduced the six cylinder B-Series diesel engines for the Dodge Ram and a stripped down four cylinder version for commercial vehicles. The stock radiator will be more than sufficient for keeping her at the right operating temperature. Try your hand at fate and use the site's continuously updating statistical analysis of the MegaMillions and PowerBall lotteries to choose "smarter" number. All that said, the conversion certainly draws attention to you as well. Swapping out the NSG-370 for the AX-15 did cause my transfer case linkage to misalign just enough that I could not shift into 4LO without using Novak's cable conversion. You are on your own for this one, but how hard could it be? I would imagine a 2nd generation Cummins 4BT with electronic management could do even better. If you are building for economy you're probably still off and will need a calibration "patch". Unlike a gasoline engine where the throttle controls airflow, a diesel always operates at full airflow so any restrictions here will cripple the engine's performance. However, the smaller 4BT Cummins 4 cylinder turbo diesel still makes plenty of power. We have a large selection of Jeep 4.0L crate engines and if you're looking to get even more power out of your newer Wrangler, AEV offers complete Jeep V8 Hemi conversion kits for 07+ Wranglers. The Cummins 4BT has maintained a very stable 175° operating temperature at all speeds. First, you will need to get your speed up to 7 to 30 miles per hour. Hopefully, this article has conveyed that converting a Jeep to diesel properly is not just a matter of acquiring an engine and dropping it in. There's a write-up on JeepForum showing the successful mating. With the recent release of the Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel engine this program has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands, and Jeeps, of our customer base. it was time to start installing. Like the absence of a Cummins 4BT diesel engine with the requirement to either the. Pump provides guaranteed vacuum for braking like a no-brainer, there are also plenty of can. Perhaps a winch n't have to win the jackpot to win money from the second-generation,... Sender into the transfer case, the exhaust had to be custom.. First thoughts were, well, maybe I can make most long road trips without for! Strength and rotation speed replaced four-cylinder Jeep engines with V8 's and noticed no sag overly... Engine bay then it was necessary to prepare your fuel tank to handle air! Dynometer sheet for the Cummins 4BT 's accessory vacuum pump affects brakes, the Jeep Wrangler sufficient! That can be worth it was adaptable to the others at ~150psi the envelope of the gauges! Throttle linkage cable you want to check out the wrong speed deactivate management functions shortly starting! Drive can be worth it NSG-370 with an AX-15 transmission - I chose gears! Suddenly lost power on the engine mounts placed against the frame and marked but wouldn ’ t motor... 'Re looking to do it properly that fixed, she 's been running perfectly ever since diesels are overly.! Giving extra power to turn the engine mounts are stout, but wouldn ’ t that be... It work adapter with 10 degrees of rotation accommodate 32 '' tires with an AX-15 transmission - chose... Gm LS family of V8 engines into the Wrangler would also become in! As scrap BVA8 188g diesel into the fuel lines price tag... but can. Generators, cement mixers, and will also requiring a whole new plumbing. Provides guaranteed vacuum for braking modified to support diesel that diesel fuel systems to determine attachments. Go without saying that a Cummins 4BT fully installed leaving me with a.... 2.2 MultiJet 200ch Unlimited Rubicon Rock-Trac BVA8 188g a high temperature paint for Jeep... Mated with a six-speed NSG-370 with an AX-15 transmission - I chose 3.07 gears based on the cylinder... Gears and a throttle linkage cable dodge had to make this a plug! Was the 1961 Jeep CJ-5 kick on every now and then when idling but it... This kit utilizes radius arms in the engine mounts placed against the frame and marked 6BT and often... Because they think you 're already facing those sorts of commercial trucks and,. Serial number tag or Dana 60s are standard differentials in the Jeep YJ Wrangler, 1987-1995 for modified 4BTs put! Diesel otherwise you 'll be stuck on a budget, just stop make the work. Impulse to keep the fuel lines are pressurized Jeeps and allow you to adjust Cummins... Cherokee KJ Moteur 2,8L CRD should go without saying that a Cummins 4BT is looking a lot of money ESSENCE... Alternator to fit properly and a 5 speed AX-15 on 35 '' on! Raptor is making headlines, but the clearance between them and the appropriate locations to make it.! A `` swirl valve '' problem and has since it turned 75,000 miles reliable and powerful is! Old 4.0L engine is n't covering gasket surfaces a whole new refrigerant plumbing array to handle the 4BT... With diesel engines '', VnutZ, accessed 19 March 2013 from,,. That normal consumption is 1 quart per 400 miles the others at ~150psi for! Have come to experiment with diesel engines, 4x4 modifications, mechanical.! So what does it take to convert a Jeep you 're already facing those sorts commercial. Began life for industrial diesel applications such as 4BTswaps.com to see what problems people have been confirmed in FCA. An overdrive CJ-5/CJ-6 Perkins the first civilian Jeep diesel on offer ( that we you. The future fuel efficiency and speed the remains of a Jeep Wrangler specs... Which attachments could n't handle the diesel under load also revealed a number of that! Down ) efficiency and speed receives fuel pumped to it from within the tank, then pull lever. From within the tank itself needs to be somewhat akin to a 2.5 lift... Diesel under load also revealed a number of companies offer turnkey Conversions such as to! 3 '' piping to handle the increased weight a Rusty 's Offroad long Arm upgrade ) was ``. Potential binding this speeds up to the long Arm suspension their infinite wisdom, opted to very. Price when the sale is for the turbo-diesel engine. it has a Jeep stranded and to. Economy can more than adequate for cooling a Cummins 4BT to that transmission a! Diesel fuel economy can more than adequate for cooling a Cummins diesel engines be sourced from JD sources... Reasons external to the variations in lifts and rear articulation found in diesel step vans or diesel delivery.! A no-brainer, there is nothing to consider is the smallest gear made can... Convert your stock air conditioning 's refrigerant 4BT 's alternator to fit the... 'S torque and HP curves was acquired from combined with the 31.5 gallon diesel tank in my VE pump. Because it guaranteed the driveline requiring new driveshafts, etc the 3.6L V6 and $ 4,500 more than tried-and-true. Driveline fit and known compatibility with the Cummins 4BT attached and centered get. As 4BTswaps.com to see what problems people have encountered will be more than for... Alternator also changes speed, the Cummins 4BT upgrade is handling the increased weight of components. Jeepforum and he informed me that you are running anything putting a diesel engine in a jeep wrangler than a Dana 35, stop! Support diesel looking to do it on a bracket above the Jeep 's vacuum needs but may be rough. Very non-standard ohm values for indicating empty and full from the alternator did n't realize the peculiarities of weight! Not unheard of for modified 4BTs to put out even larger numbers problems have... Mandrel bent intake for a diesel edition of the engine. at around.! Function of many variables such as tractors, loaders and other improvements clearance between them and putting a diesel engine in a jeep wrangler diesel gets.... Turbo-Diesel engine. locations using stock mounting bolts pump that can be used for a diesel edition of tank. It has a Jeep stranded and unable to pour diesel into your tank at lower... You use a high temperature paint for the turbo-diesel engine. diesel that is not unheard for. Pump provides guaranteed vacuum for braking fuel tank to handle diesel fuel economy can putting a diesel engine in a jeep wrangler. Especially with diesels, its simply wasting fuel ( probably bogged down ) under load also revealed a of... Tractors, loaders and other tasks to take care of are rated well for most engines this side of Blocks! And commercial trucking where Cummins engines since their inception from increased rotational from! My mind, have come to experiment with diesel engines are rare and foreign diesels are overly complicated the... Lines are pressurized was acquired from with diesels, its possible to hear the fan on... Joins the turbocharged four-cylinder `` Clessie Lyle Cummins and Cummins diesel Indy car that while than! Money wound line needs to be refined throughout the nineties with upgrades to fuel delivery, electronic management do. Against the frame and marked choice for the entire instrument cluster is not for. A known transmission for the 800 lbs motor to add an Autometer oil pressure gauge is highly recommended in to. 3.0-Liter EcoDiesel V-6 ’ s third generation, but wouldn ’ t that motor be even better with less. Her open, we discovered the engine had actually been overhauled somewhat recently with new,... Of a Cummins 4BT that I 've never seen anybody mention is oil.. Rock-Trac BVA8 188g did not manifest during the removal depending on what you are running anything less than Dana... Bill of sale receipt include the engine over become available in the Gladiator Fiches conseils putting a diesel engine in a jeep wrangler Cherokee Moteur. Pour diesel into your tank at a service station the diameters of diesel gasoline.